Lancia Delta Integrale FINAL EDITION – First Drive Review! Modern Classics Ep 4

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This is the Lanica Delta Integrale Final Edition – the last and the best version of the incredibly successful homologated rally car that was rewarded to the Japanese market at the end of it’s production run. 2 litre, 250hp, four wheel drive and turbo charged – the Final Edition Integrale is a slice of rally history with number plates!








umomwasgd says:

Really great review. Please do the Mercedes Mclaren SLR 722s next. Mis-understood and an underrated car, would make some unique content.

Alessandro Borghi says:

Also test VW Corrado VR6-VSR. Unicor car.

steve smith says:

Huge congratulations guys!! Only seemed like 2 weeks ago you announced that you were about to become parents (probably seemed even less than that to you 😂😂)

Some advice about the "long term/forever car" though, obviously has to be cool and something slightly obscure, but also something that is easy and cheap to repair with parts that will always be manufactured not custom fabricated.

This series just got a whole lot more interesting 😁👌

Bogdan Bosoi says:

Next find a good unmodified and unmolested Alfa 147/156 Gta and do a review. It is absolutelly bonkers!

Sean Marriott says:

Be great if you could get old of any cortina

Apex holland says:

A baby boy!!! Congrats!!!
Love this series! Keep up the awesome work!

Kompoism says:

Options for future episodes if you can get your hands on them:-
Escort Cosworth – Another Rally Legend
Sierra Cosworth (pref not Sapphire) – Touring Car Legend
Golf GTI Mk1 – The Original "Hot Hatch"
Honda S2000 – Probably the most fun you can have with a NA car at that price.
Ferrari Enzo – Just because and can't ever remember you driving one on the Channel.

I could list more but I'm sure you are getting more lined up anyway…

Kompoism says:

Been looking on your social media for the news, congratulations to you and your Wife James! Glad that all's well. What a great start to the year for you both, pass on my (and our) best wishes!
On a selfish note, does this mean we will see more of you driving your own cars around the UK a bit more this year? Don't get me wrong, I love all your vids but as a Brit there is something cathartic about watching you guys enjoy your cars when possible in vids like this and you guys were so busy flying round the world multiple times last year. Either way looking forwards to what the rest of the year brings you! (Sorry for being a bit late)
(Oh and the Integrale? What an iconic car, even that doesn't seem suitable for such a machine, great video!)

Lemmy Motorhead666 says:

190e cosworth or escort cosworth please !

Josh Smith says:

HAKOSUKA – gotta be on the list right? The Grandaddy-GTR. Also, huge congrats on the baby boy James 🙂

Inazuma MR says:

When I was 19 I wanted to buy a HF turbo with 135 hp, then everybody told me that I will have problems as a daily routine so I bought a Kadett GSI 16v with 150 hp. Still the Integrale was my dream

Mario Cecil says:

In 1979 lancia introduced the Delta…. And not the Integrale 😉

alberto martinelli says:

Exellent hearing de noise of the motor and this square shape amazing nice thank you

Gunnar Landin says:

Too much of you too little of the car.

GGDAG says:

Just 1 thing to correct, in '79 Lancia released the Delta, not the Integrale. Great video btw!

Greig Young says:

Great car but full of errors. Group B was the Delta S4 not an integrale. Also Final Edition is an Evo II so standard 215bhp

Overall still enjoyed the clip

LukaszRox says:

Icon car, but who put that shitty radio…… despite that love the car, love the series 😀 great job Mr JWW

E92 M3 GUY says:

Whilst on a lancia theme, how about an 037 stradale, or the delta S4 . Ford RS200 , Metro 6r4, peugeot 205 T16 evo2 , and my favourite audi sport Quattro swb. On the road car front E39 m5 , cosworth RS500, Escort rs turbo mk1 "white lightning " , subaru impreza RB22 sti , lancer EVO 6 makinen edition , E38 B12 v12 alpina …….. 👍👍👏👏

Lenny Valentino Schiaretti says:

Sorry but what are you talking about??? In the late '70s Lancia introduced the Integrale???? Not at all! Lancia Delta was lunched in 1979 but the "Integrale" didn't existed at all! Then in 1986 Lancia made the first Delta 4WD (all wheel drive) based on the 2.0 liter engine from the Lancia Thema Turbo with 165hp, then in 1988 it became "Integrale" with larger fender, first with 8v (185hp) and then in 1989 with 16v (195hp) . The Evo you are driving (with all the special editions…) had even larger fender than the previous integrale, it was the last step of the Delta with around 205hp (but with catalytic are they less powerful). The Group B was not based on the Lancia Delta (even if the name, for reasonable marketing reasons was Delta S4…) but was a different project, a prototype with rear engine and one turbo + one Volumetric compressor…Why do you tape a video and tell a story you don't know? You could have informed yourself a bit before making such a video, couldn't you?

son of SAM bear says:

You know you need a st185 gt4 Carlos Sainz edition in the feature

Jens-Erik says:

Waiting for a Opel Manta GTE 1983-1988 review 🙂
and waiting for the BMW 635 Alpina B7 turbo review.

James Yeowell says:

Would love to see a e30 m3 in this series

Niklaud K20 says:

the origin of the modern sport car

Luís Sousa says:

Not really related to this car but, do you have PPF in the TDF?

Gary Lawton says:

Just wondering why the steering wheel is on the left if it’s for Japan? Seems odd? 🤔

Justin Bennitt says:

One small point; the Delta was released in 79, not the Integrale, that was a variation of the Delta that came 9 years later. The off-centre steering wheel isn't typical and just needs to be realigned. The Final Edition wasn't the only Evo2 limited edition to have a starter button.

Ant Gibbons says:

Buy whichever car you love most, you may just end up keeping it forever.

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