Lamborghini Huracan first drive video: Ferrari beater? | evo REVIEW

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The new Lamborghini Huracan replaces the supercar maker’s most successful model ever, the Gallardo. With a more powerful V10 engine that tops 600bhp and a ho…


sootyferrari65 says:

The aventador is a tarted up Murcialago, the Huracan is just a tarted up
Gallardo. Not seeing huge differences 

MyGarageToyz says:

The new Lamborghini Huracan replaces the supercar maker’s most successful
model ever, the Gallardo. But can it be mentioned in the same breath as
the fantastic Ferrari 458? What do you think?

MyriadesusTV says:

Lately, Audi’s been turning Lamborghini’s insanity WAY down. I don’t like

Paul McGuire says:

For the first time ever on a Lambo I’m not keen on the styling. Maybe it’ll
grow on me. But excellent review Jethro keep up the good work. You’re up
there with Chris Harris in my humble opinion!

Jack Trix says:

458 is still the best car on the market and definitely the sexiest of them

Petros Athanasoglou says:

It is really awesome but I would buy a 2008 Gallardo LP560-4 instead,if I
had the money of course

EVO says:

Our first drive in the Lamborghini Huracan, how does it compare to the
Ferrari 458 Speciale

c00lusername1 says:

It’s so stupid how Top Gear started saying cars like the new Lamborghinis
or the McLarens lack “ferocity” or “passion”. I mean, sure, maybe compared
to other cars, they do. But to most people, its the fiercest car they have
ever driven. Its really close-minded to say that supercars lack “passion”
and all that shit. If Audi hadn’t bought Lamborghini they would be out of

Apotheosi5 says:

I dont like it, why would you get this one if there is the aventador or the

Donovan Moore says:

Ferrari wannabe.

1seipai says:

Paddles fixed to the steering column, that’s a bit odd surely? 

CarsFan says:

And this is why Ferrari is the best Italian sportscar brand.

flyingphoenix113 says:

I dissagree with his statements. To me, Lamborghini died with the
Murcielago. It was the last good lambo. Yes, it could’ve looked better and
yes manual and RWD would’ve helped but it still retained the symphonic V12
sountrack. The Aventador sounds like a straight piped 911. It really does.
The Gallardo and Hurucan V10’s sound weak and the perfect 5th interval
annoys my ears after 5 mins.

if you made me get a lambo, id get a Miura, a Cala, and a Diablo GT. All
were awesome. People can hate on the Chrysler period, but Chrysler fed
Lamborghini money and told them to be who they are. That is how someone
should own Lamborghini or Ferrari. Screw the VW/Audi group.

Lee Butterworth says:

I see echos of Countach in this car, it’s like porn. Design nailed.

Katasslicker butt says:

it should be called lamborghini gallardo hurrakhan…coz its just another
updated gallardo. Nothing new, just crap.

Corran Helme says:

Bearing in mind the Muira and the LP400, the design of the Huracan is best
described as conservative and lacking in the flair synonymous with the best
Italian designs.

Not sure who designed the Huracan. It certainly lacks the subtle ferocious
beauty of the older Gandini led designs and latest Pininfarina masterpiece
the 458 Italia.

As for the driving experience, well, it seems like there is is too much
under-steer worked in to the set up of this car. You can actually and quite
clearly see the under-steer working its way around corners in these shots.
Not the last word in precision and fun, surely. Leave aside the Speciale
for a minute. The Italia is bound to be more fun to drive and undercuts the
cost of this car.

For the price Audi is asking for this car, there are better alternatives
out there so I can only imagine that only someone who really dislikes
Ferrari and McLaren or really wants the Lamborghini badge would opt for

They’d not only miss out on the fun, but they’d end up with a badged-up

givemeabloodyuser gv says:

wtf is wrong with today’s reviewers? when i car has a single clutch they go
on about how engaging that is blah blah blah, now we a dual clutch and they
suddenly bash single clutch and call it rubbish? seriously? 

TS13 says:

My WRX would shit on this…

vvysoc says:

The exterior especially the back is confused looking. The car looks more
like a front engine coupe rather than mid engine supercar and the name is
almost as bad as LaFerrari. We will see how the market reacts to it. Maybe
it will grow on me, I got to see it in person to judge it, it certainly
more extreme looking than Gallardo.

TheStallion234 says:

Since when is the ‘entry level’ Huracan a rival to the more track focused
and updated Speciale and 650s?

ianiva says:

This car has let me down. After seeing how massive of a step the mental
Aventador was from the Murcielago, I expected something similar. It’s a
brand new car but overall I think it’s worse than the 5 year-old 458. That
car is still up there for me. So amazing!

crxtech1 says:

Lambo is not made to drive fast only to look fast. It is for ricers of
exotic car world

Jay Sully says:

It’s ok, not a bad car I would still rather have the super velocia


Prove again Lambo can’t build good track car by class.
Gallardo failed to compete GTR, 911, 458, 12C
Aventador failed to compete F12.
Veneno probably gonna fail to compete Agera, P1 and LaFerrari.

N1GHT5 says:

Back in the day Lambos were spaceships. Now they’re just sportscars.

textthing says:

These car companies really do play these so-called journalists like
violins, don’t they.

Ivannos92 says:

i feel like lamborghini is just doing the same thing over and over again,
nothing new is introduced. This huracan is just another gallardo with a bit
more power

obts10 says:

he is driving fast but for some reason this video is boring.

satellite964 says:

I’d like to have a GT86 more.

FullThrottleLegal says:

Front end looks like a Toyota FR-S. Ouch. 

trefod says:

Nice to see a review where the car is driven fast instead of sideways.

RapKandy says:

he’s pronouncing it wrong. the H in Huracan is silent

vinicius sousa says:

can not compare with the huracan 458, we expect the successor to the 458,
there we shall see who will be better! In my opnion the successor to the
458 will be much better

Roberto Fernandez says:

I don’t really get why he keeps comparing is to the Speciale, thats a
upscaled version of the 458, which we all know there will be like 10 of
those for this new case. Hold on and you’ll see.

Flavio Gomes says:

I’m a fan of Lamborghinis but it’s time they make a car to go against the
rest of the bunch. Is Lambo just a car to wear or is it a performer? These
test drivers are happier driving corvettes than these Lamborghinis. Lambo
needs to make an impact.

zhbroder says:

huracan, it’s all wheel drive.. poor analysis of the car considering where
it sits in the model range… at the bottom. this looks like the best
double clutch i’ve ever seen, and it looked like purely the best of both
worlds: audi and lamborghini.

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