Lada Niva & 2107

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Jeremy Clarkson Making fools about Egyptians for building a car reliably adequate to match poor people needs.
He only consider resources wasting luxurious western cars to be the base, he doesn’t know that if all nations acted like west in resources consumptions, Earth resources would wasted from 100 years ago.
Typical Rich devil nature against poor 🙁


pfc srbija says:

If it's not good at selling today in Germany, I think that further comment is unnecessary. So I can find car breaks, Lend rover, rover, mercedes and test them, and I say these are English and Germans do not know how to make a car, stupidity !!!. In Serbia, there is a great joke for the English who thinks them well, and this is why, why the English are drinking tea constantly, and because they are sick.

George Veltchev says:

everyone knows that the Russians makes miserable cars … like anything else they do .. no need to be bitter …

Borivoje Travica says:

Lada Niva is never properly tested in this show…in this episode have stupid town profiles tires and with fabric tires never stuck special with narrow off roads tires

varsam says:

They compare 30-40(1970-80) year cars against models from 2005-2010 … and failed to mention that this cars are still on the road in much worst road and weather conditions from 30-40 years than Englands. The Niva comment i will not even honor whit comment, hitting it against a big bulb and complain that its bad offroader …. 100% political episode, noting to do whit cars.

Al Falcon says:

Jeremy Clarkson is an arrogant cunt. I'm so glad the bbc eventually fired him.
The rest of the Top Gear team aren't much better, brainless twits, all of them.

Terry Graham says:

I used to like the old Top Gear

NS light bulb says:

Top Gear are a bunch of liars, and they do it all the time, they did it whit Tesla, whit Lada and bunch of others!

Dejan Glišić says:

kada gledam ovu dvojicu nemogu se otetei "dojmu " da se te dva nistaka ponasaju ko da im je adresa stanovanja u bakimgenskoj palati . mozete da smisljate vrcave dosetke na racun lade nive do mile vilje ali niva i eventualno suzuki jimny su trenutno najprohodnija dva terenca na trzistu s tim da je niva dva puta jeftinija od suzukija . bio sam vlasnik vise terenaca [ trenutno vozim suzuki jimny ] izmedju ostalog i lade nive 1,6 kao i ove sadasnje verzije 1,7 . namena tih vozila nije da vas udobno nose po gradskim ulicama vec da vas sigurno prevezu od tacke a do tacke b u nekoj zapizdini . to lada niva radi besprekorno . za sigurnu prohodnost potrebno je da vasa lada ima odgovarajuce gume [ sto vislje i sto uze sa izrazenim kranponima ] i da bude dobro opterecena da su to imala ona dva engleska majmuna prosli bi kroz to blato ko od sale.

citroen tun says:

Lada is the best car in the world

Ctrl-Alt-Awesome says:

They say that crap but they are simple easy to fix really reliable and insanely good off road

Peter Malatinec says:

Western propaganda ahahah russia made cars for mother russian land no for englad small country for example: gays from 5 gear lada is for huge man from cccp

Deni Katsman says:

Niva is well known for its capability to drive in the most fucked up roads

Ragnar Lothbrok says:

So, was that a car review or a political talk show? I am not quite sure but judging by the time they spoke of cars compared to the time they spoke of "communism" I'd definitely say it was a political show.

Nicholas Christophorou says:

lada niva is unstopable…

7421284236 __________________________ says:

Lada is fucking good. These rich faggots think their funny

mike marten says:

The description…Whatewer you say… Much thicker steel case, does not make the car better, than your hatred western waste carriages dog powered decadent carts? The breaks are so effective, you got a gap for good sucking Putins cock. LOL, dear rusophile, I will not answer you anyway, you can write anything you want. LOL. lol. lol. LOL.

Rob Brown says:

I think you nay-sayers will find that the Niva is the most reliable car manufactured in Egypt!

Perkins says:

Bullshit! A Lada Niva will never lose to a Land Rover..

strider07 says:

it's not exactly like the Riva is a reliable car, nor like Egypt has a reputation for reliable automotive design (protip: neither does the United States)

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