Kia Sportage SUV 2020 in-depth review | carwow Reviews

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Here’s the recently revised Kia Sportage! Having been the first video reviewed on the carwow YouTube channel, it has a special place in Mat’s heart. But the question is, has the updated model done enough to improve on the previous edition, or does the Sportage rank below similar new competitors like the Mazda CX-5? Join Mat for his latest review to find out!

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ekim andersom says:

Chrome doorhandles are a direct dealbreaker.

Awesome Cars Guy says:

2:523:00 Ava Max-Sweet But Psycho plays

S FELD says:

Wish we had that cool blue in the U.S.

Paul Hartley says:

The software is terrible, warnings for low tyre pressure is wrong/misleading, startup screen annoying (drive carefully!) – just irritating. The automatic gearbox has you fighting the car, it wants to decelerate when you want the opposite and vice versa. And fuel consumption is less than 28 miles per gallon!

Jeevan Magar says:

Which one is the best sportage or tucson ? Very confuse…

Kyle says:

this or the Niro?

Marius Fulop says:

The main reason for watching carwow is Mat, he is cool and i love the way he is presenting the cars. Keep up the great work Mat!

Sam Khan says:

It is a cross over not a SUV ….

Ali tahmoores says:

Dear Matt as a disabled who rely on wheelchair do you think this car suitable for me . No children no extra people on back

John P-H says:

Been around for over 3 years in this guise, like to see when Kia come up with a completely new car.

Mario Passendorf says:

A good car for the money but a little bit too noisy inside .

TrdelnikZeSkoricu says:

0:27 thats actually skoda kamiq not karoq

Fabian159 says:

Mat, you should do topgear, they need a good reviewer.

Matheo Pigeot says:

The kia is sa nice I love it👌

Balabol Rustam says:

Perfect design, but still lacks fundamentals, very noisy on highway except super flat asphalt, suspension is bad too. Check moose test of sportage or search “ sportage the deadliest car” . The chances to die in this car are 2 times higher than in Honda Fit been reported by some states.

Deeba Ali says:

in pakistan kia sportage price is 55

Imran ahmed says:

Just launched here in pakistan

Great review will help us too ❤🤗

Axel Stelvio says:

When is peugeot 2008 coming out?

Hr H says:

A friend of mine who picked Tuscon over this, has a very strange theory: Sportage was not well balanced and caused him motion sickness and nausea soon after he started his test drive!!!! Does this make any sense?

Mr. Miscellaneous says:

Every pakistani is seeing this review because it launched here recently

Paddy B says:

Basically it’s a crock of shit and only any use for school runs 😤

zero082294 says:

YouTube help! This or the 3008??

omar khaled says:

Please Can you make a review about Subaru XV 2019

Sir John Doe of PennsWoods says:

I wonder what Scotty KILMER thinks of this KIA SPORTAGE?

Dave d'Video Maker says:

I thought the exhaust pipes on the KIA Sportage were real, but this is what I now know that i did not know before.

Faisal Abdul-Nasir says:

KIA suck at dashboard screens

Gouda FTTV says:

Mat watson can i ask you a question does the kia sportage 2020 had a seat profile

Patty says:

Who reaches down to wiggle the center console? It just sits there. Never heard of one sliding out of place!

ddd eee says:

Love these Videos They are Beautiful Videos It will be Keeping Making Videos But Much Launched Especially i knew I LOVE YOU MAT! 😇😇😇😇

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