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This is the new Kia Ceed! When it comes to people choosing their favorite hatchback, the Kia Ceed is unlikely to appear at the top of many peoples lists. But with a starting price of just over £18,000 (along with a saving of over £2,000 with carwow!), is it time people took a second look at the Ceed when it comes to choosing a new hatchback? Join Mat for his latest in-depth review to find out everything you need to know!

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Ephyra says:

I know a grumpy old chappy who had one of these for a few years. Swapped it for a Ford Focus for some reason!

MauDagos says:

Did the rain effect on the paint on the inside of the door go with some cleaning? Tell us Matt!!

Hubert Jadczak says:

No no no no no, when you pay for Samsung, you support technological progress.

You pay extra only for the name when you purches anything from apple. Also this means you support technological regression.

Λευτέρης Σιγαλας says:

Mat great work, your reviews are always spot on. My question is why you haven't made a review on KIA RIO as well. I have read the review on carwow but a video review is always better. Was it that bad?? Because I consider the Rio as one of the best options to buy in terms of my needs and budget. Looking forward to your answer!!

Ovidiu Paunescu says:

So what type of version from Kia Ceed you tested? Did not said in description .

Hampus Nelson says:

Just ordered my GT Line fusion orange!

Sachin Hd says:

One plus shit

Viktor S says:

This or Stonic?

shazeb ashique says:

Itll last maybe 2-3 years?

GuiBuni says:

I like the fact that he called it a "Reasonable priced car" Old top gear feelings.

Momcilo Lukovic says:

I sat in this car just a few days ago and I was mind blown at the level of build quality Kia has achieved.

McLaren6333 says:

Очень красивая машина получилась! И этот ей очень идёт.

Mario Losberg says:

New Peugeot 308, Renault megane, Hyundai i 30, Ceed, bye bye boring boxy golf… lol

RUHappyATM says:

just had a gander at the specs…1.0L engine! WTF?
OK, forgot, not too far to drive in the UK.

RUHappyATM says:

18k for a small hatch! What is the world coming to?

The Saint says:

I still accidentally search Car Buyer, realise my mistake, and come straight here.

redlightson says:

It would be interesting to see a review on the KIA Proceed GT, it seems to be a nice car with appealing aesthetics. Thanks for all the great reviews!

Jeph Gaming says:

2:34 it doesnt look cheap and nasty.

JB says:

This car is so much nicer and better than a Golf, I don’t care what anyone says. The quality, fit and finish, equipment etc is really impressive.

Lars Nyman says:

I've tried doing some research on the audio system. Some sources say that above entry levels it comes with a 8 speaker jbl system. But according to some sources there is a completley other system. It might be a small issue, but I really want a good audio system if I'm going for a new car.

tengil aurel says:

Any exchangeable rice bowl, nothing more

nunopaixao33 says:

That is not by any change a oneplus phone!!!!!

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