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Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV 2014 review:
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All-American off-road firm Jeep is part of the larger Chrysler organisation, which has been through a turbulent few years. First the company parted ways with Mercedes-Benz, then the recession hit the firm harder than most, but now Chrysler’s future is looking a lot more stable under Fiat ownership. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is something of a transition model, as it uses a platform that’s shared with the Mercedes-Benz M-Class, but it’s powered by a 3.0-litre V6 diesel that was developed by Fiat.


Blue Dolphin says:

Another problem is the steering wheel, it's on the wrong side.

David Singleton says:


Allah O'ahu says:

The grand wagoneer was the first luxury off roader

GrumpyOldGits says:

To keep all the council estate chavs quite, can we please review a car that every chav already owns….. The range rover!

Also please review the audi q7 for the wannabes.

Thabisile Malinga says:

my dad just got the car yesterday


By mistake I heard the word vw Tuareg…hahaha..what a joke!!!!

Hesbonful says:

Good review… but that was not off road, doesn’t necessarily mean “away from tarmac Road” 😄, but on a non even partially rocky, mud potholes and rugged bumps …

David Middleton says:

Has there been any further updates on this?

Phil hayward says:

Does it come with its own tow truck for its guaranteed breakdown

Jonah Bloom says:

is it seven seater???

Badabing313 says:

Get your facts straight please. You couldn’t be more wrong, Jeeps are indeed the first luxury suv. Don’t try to steal Jeeps glory on this one. The first Land Rover prototype called Centre Steer, was built on a Jeep chassis and axles. Shouldn’t be misinforming people when you don’t know what you’re talking about. Think before you speak. Land Rovers are beautiful vehicles, but I’d buy 2 Jeeps before I’d buy one LR. I don’t understand the hype of land rovers, extremely unreliable vehicles that cost owners thousands in repairs yearly. You guys can keep those land rovers over there.

OverLord Opps says:

Wtf is a boot!? And who put that wheel on the wrong side of a JEEP!?

Nader Hassan says:

Would be interested to see a review on the most recent 2018 Model from you Matt please. as this is very old now. Thank You for your brilliant Reviews. only reason i haven't bought one yet is i haven't seen a review from you

londonla la says:

Is this car automatic?

Mark Fox says:

Why play music so loud you can't hear the dialogue

Mr Green says:

Hi, Im stuck and need a opinion from JGC owner, i want to buy a car next week, im thinking about Pre Owned Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.6 Overland 2012 with 100K miles on it. Im reading online reviews and the more i read the more dishearting i get. Can any JGC owner reply me. Thanks Ari

Fernando Palafox says:

ugly piece of shit

Wil. Shelt says:

The licence plate when he opens the trunk says roll tide… that's awesome.

sasquatch says:

"emissions aren't quite as good as the germans?"………deiselgate???????

حارث مازن says:

احلا سيار جيب

Philip Hackett says:

Spares take months to arrive. These are junk and should not be in the UK.

Juho Pentti says:

even better model is Overland Summit…

GRÏNGō says:

the steering wheel is on the wrong side you communist

Oz Bloke says:

Great Value – a Range Rover is unaffordable for most people in Australia

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