Iveco Stralis XP 420 2017 In detail review walkaround Interior Exterior

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Hello to MotorCarTube and a new truck check. Today we present the 2017 Iveco Stralis XP 420, enjoy the detail view in the interior and exterior. Thanks for view! You always want to see the latest? Please rate and subscribe to us and follow us on twitter: MotorCarTube


Jose Lima Dos Santos says:

Muito bonito! !

Fredson lima alves says:

Eu gostaria de comprar um!!!

zino zindan says:

cool design!

Dieu Donné GBEDEGBE says:

Marcelo Diasar

Javier Gómez Parra says:

Muchos problemas de electrónica. No tienen gusto, por acabar, bien los camiones.

Flavio Flaviano says:

eu quero muito um deste para mim

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