IVECO Stralis 460 Full Tour & Test Drive (Pre-Owned) Prices!

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Join me for a Full Tour & Test Drive in this IVECO Stralis 460 HI-WAY. With it’s six cylinder Euro 6 diesel engine developing 2,150 Nm, let’s see how it performs at 44 tonne gross.
We also talk about pricing and leasing of IVECO trucks from OK TRUCKS Reading UK.

Thanks for watching, Stavros

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Eduardo Damásio says:

Hey Friend, Where are you From?

John Abbet says:

Iveco Stralis giving a smile being excited for him to have a test drive.

Scania G Fonov says:

Stavros Hi! Go New Iveco!👍

738-NGX says:

That dent on the door tho😅

AlanAntonioBre says:

I love it!, Simple but compliant … Stavros!, You would have to make a video but with the Classic Stralis 500! 💪

sasha19652 says:

Thats a great price!

Tshwene Vincent Baloyi says:

Great videos as always. I am starting to like Ivecos.

Mike Berg says:

Pre owned?USED

Darren McGrogan says:

I believe this style of the Iveco was named the Hi-Way Stavros. Really like the design, fairly nice to drive also in my opinion.

Peter Paterson says:

And when it snows you ant going no where Automatic gear box waste of time.manual all the time.

Rs500ybd says:

IVECO   I Vibrate Everything  Comes Off Worst Truck on the road there Dogturd.

dimvan 2324 says:

You are Greece?

Charlie Brand says:

It's a fiat enough said.

Gp rupker says:

Iveco is the top 🤩🇮🇹

victor mwelwa says:

Great videos here sir can you do again on new benz or scania v8

hirprimate says:

I love seeing the trucks and vans in Europe. Seems like a lot more choices over there.

Pedro07Santos says:

Much better presentation this time.

will Moff8 says:

🤢🤮 Iveco

Marco says:

if i want to get a christmas tree i'll go to wallmart….

Bentley Mtafu says:

Iveco…but because its Stavros, I'll watch. LOL

ElCamionologoProd. says:

I love the Strails and the Daily. Cheers from Dominican Republic.

Luis Y. Gonzalez says:

Excellent video as always, Stavros! I hope you drive an S-Way soon.

Mahesh Kumar says:

Wow so beautiful I am from nepal now saudi Arabia I love iveco I have also iveco big truck

Tiede says:

Who saw the white van at 22:07 almost causing an accident at 22:13? What a c*nt! 🤬

sarath u krishnan says:

Love from India

Mohd Aidi Azhar says:

Good day stravos!!i watch all you videos!!!Please do a army truck test drive!!

JRSz says:

Look at that interior Jesus Christ was that made in the 60s?

Jay D says:

Seen one of those new Ford tractor unit last week around Manchester on foreign plates.Will you be doing a video of the new Ford tractor unit Stavros?

Jay D says:

Great video rubbish truck though hate them👎

Oscar Lee says:

I quite like the Iveco Daily. Sits happily at 150km/h on the Autobahn doing around 16l/100km.

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