Iveco Daily 4×4 | Review | Truck TV Australia

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Matt Wood takes the Iveco Daily 4×4 for a test drive.

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Moparman90 says:

Poor mans Mog

hunterssports says:

Wow, after seeing this……….I was going to mod up my SWB 2008 Sprinter that I have had since new, but the Iveco 4×4 arrrrr this baby has all the options right off the floor.
There was a youtube link to a guy in Europe that spent $$$$$ in 4×4 upgrades to a 2008 sprinter and had to contact Merc Factory to reprogram the Automatic ECU at big expense to allow for the larger wheel rolling diameter..
I've taken my sprinter into places that are just crazy, and the traction control has save my bum so many times on dirt and mud roads. But my luck will run out as its not for this purpose. The reason I did was its my rig to sleep, camp and get around with all my crap.
Now looking at the 4×4 Iveco I guess ill be able to do more off road and hunting safer if purchase this type of 4×4 vehicle.
Seriously looking to trade up now.

Soylent Green says:

Just me, or is the guy speaking's voice volume really low, while the music playing is really loud?

david de keyser says:

You should test a unimog to and feel the difference. But the iveco is probably cheaper than the unimog. For off road fun you would prefer the unimog

Ruben A says:

This Daily is the only offroad vehicle what you buy and doesn't need aftermarket modifications to work, this vehicle has the right system of traction, a system that should be integrated on Landcruiser, Montero, Cheroky and so on… to say they are really offroad vehicles, because today they're crap.

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