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Infiniti Q60 review:
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The Infiniti Q60 coupe is a rival for the Audi A5 and BMW 4 Series that majors on style. Two petrol engines are available, and the car seats four. Interior space isn’t great, meaning rivals are more appealing if you’re seeking something with more practicality, and while performance is strong, it’s not that engaging to drive. Nevertheless, if you’re seeking something a little be different, the Q60 could be worth a look.

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mk15243 says:

This review is the biggest disgrace. Full of biased comment.

Road Hunter says:

Contrary to a lot of opinions (including this one) I quite like the non-mechanical steering. I find it to be very quick and precise. You point it somewhere and the car just goes there even if you do some stupid stuff with the gas and the brakes. Yes, you don't get any proper feedback, but to be fair with modern electrical steering systems you hardly get any either.

TROLL says:

shit review, guy is ugly.

bryan spradley says:

I couldn't get past the complaint about the key fob….really? You dislike the car so much that one of the first complaints was about the key fob? "oh yeah man, I was just about to buy that Q60 and then I saw the key fob and I said, Oh Hell NO!" with a stupid look on my face Just ridiculous.

jason hewitt says:

This review ain't shit. I got my q60 and it's nothing like what u describe here. Don't know y your so but hurt. It's a really nice car. Performance and physical appearance

Sean C says:

This idiot has no clue about the car. May not be the best person for car reviews.

Sentll 762 says:

What the fuck is a coop-ay?

rrrogster says:

What is wrong with this jerk? Look how is seated with the seat adjusted so that he is hunched over the wheel – anyone would be uncomfortable! I test drove one and am 6' tall. There was no problem with headroom and it fit me really well. An idiot. I repeat. What is wrong with this jerk?

shortyass001 says:

Compare with Japanese reliability, BMW and Audi lacks. What a bias ugly dick head.

kishon Palmer says:

Prejudicial review! Im tired with reviews that arent honest. I believe reviews should be objective and scientific and not subject to personal and unfounded opinions

Ruffas says:

Dont know about the new infinitis but im definitely importing the infiniti m45/nissan gloria/cedric as a calssic for my garage

mark schembri says:

This guy is weird

disturbed250 says:

Although the idea is to try and keep some 4 seater/reasonable boot practicality with 2 door GT coupes (based off 4 doors), when you buy them you don't actually care. I'm considering it in the future and I won't want anyone in the back and the boot is plenty big enough for going away. If you want what was negative in the video buy the 4 door version!! Thing looks great, odd angles at the rear but much better looking than the standard stuff on sale.

Piyush Trivedi says:

Supeb car infinite wakeup Maruti in India coping u r car called Swift

aznobewan says:

I drove both the Q60 premium and Red Sport….Although this reviewer sounds biased he's actually 100% correct. The balance on the Q60 mechanically is not right. You get this feeling of nervousness when going into a turn and you feel disconnected from the vehicle with DAS and without DAS. There's ZERO confidence going into a turn and does feel floaty and wanders around the road. Like the reviewer said the driver does feel disconnected from the steering wheel to the front tires. In addition the suspension is not tight enough and the road noise on those run flats is terrible. Currently I own the Q50S and I have a problem with DAS but this second generation of it got worse. In terms of exterior I have zero complaints on the Q60. Its beautiful and bold. I love it but the feel / drive of this car is a deal breaker to me. Unfortunately I won't be returning to the brand and I will just admire its beauty when a Q60 driver passes me by. Back to Geman engineering I go…..

Black Jack says:

fuck ur Queen )))and shitty Jaguar )))) Bloooooody British gentleman))) , by the way fuck ur sitting position 2 , I bet u prefer sitting on a dick or something like it ))) like fuck u aooooooll ,(all))))))))) u think u can drive better then Sebastian Vittel so u can tell Infiniti what to built and how? , fucking moron,if u have money get porshce or ferrari or whatever the fuck u like but for the budget its much better car then ur jaguar ever can be))) , bloooody cunt ))))))))

tommy d u b b s says:

lost their way, thats not a g35 g37 successor.. thats just a q50 version 2

90's -Kid says:

Infinity are better looking than BMW and Mercedes

Monrowe Toussaint says:

The level of mediocrity and favouritism in this video is appalling. How can you tell the audience do not buy the this vehicle with the steer by wire system. As a true and responsible automotive reviewer you advised the viewer to test drive both system and see which one is appropriate for them. What i like about 90% of consumers they really don't make their decision on these non comprehensive and non informative videos. Surveys would tell you that consumers literally goes to the different dealerships to test drive the vehicle of interest to make a prudent buy. SMH

shortyass001 says:

Such a biased review. I tested it and absolutely fell in love with it.

january57 says:

This dude seems to be only focused on the negatives wow lol. It's a sexy car especially the 400 hp. Cheapest ponies per dollar vs the germans

sputnic says:

I love this car and actually have a G 37 . But I can't believe they have cheap Nissan parts inside and that key fob .

LM LM says:

=Altima coupe 2018?

Silver Low says:

I think this review is not very well done. Because the Mercedes C coupe compared to this is not even that good. To be honest it is not even a good car.
However branding is much more powerful right?

A Chopra says:

What a great looking but pointless car. Nice shape but the interior already looks dated. Expect depreciation to be horrendous. Who would be daft enough to buy this with their own money??

Asif Farooqui says:

Why over animate your face when not liking things about the car. Sorry but that already irritates.
Wouldn't take this review as gospel.

endjexejac says:

The only reason to purchase this car is exactly like he said, making a statement
if so, all those flaws he mentioned can be overlooked i guess
stunning look plus Japanese reliabilty…………… that'll do

雷神 says:

nice car.有人看懂中文吗?

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