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This is the Hyundai Tucson! It’s a new SUV that has the likes of the Peugeot 3008 and Nissan Qashqai in its sights. What’s more, it comes relatively cheap, with a starting price of only £22,000! However, there may be a number of exterior styling improvements compared to the previous model, but can the same be said for the interior and drivability? Join Mat for his latest in-depth review to find out!

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Imraann0 says:

cant be having that type of interior in 2019, blugh

Martin James says:

CHEAP AND NASTY DONT BUY A TUCSON. I have a Qashqai which is a really great car comfortable and refined but changing for a Kuga due to increased space and even better elsewhere. I drove 2 Tucsons and 2 Kugas. Both Kugas were very good. Both Tucsons were very very dissapointing. The bodywork looks low cost /cheap, you can see how cheap it is with boot open with lumpy welds. Seriously they drive like a 1980s mark 1 Fiesta, they don't feel rigid, diesel engines are noisy, petrol engines have got no torque, especially when you go uphill. On both cars I drove you could feel the rear shock just felt like it had failed, rear suspension not good. Also steering did not feel correct for this car, it was too low geared and just did not feel "right". I drove a Santa Fe before the Tucson and massive difference on build/ suspension/ rigidity/ steering. Santa Fe was leagues better.. if you are thinking of buying one, definitely test drive first but DO drive other cars like Kuga or a Santa Fe or similar and you will see what I mean, Tucsans are built to a very cheap standard

Ali Haq says:

Man boob test…😂

Michael Johnsen says:

There is so much equipment in this one he likes, that he totally ignored in the IONIQ review. Bad day I guess.

Flash says:

The reason the vanity light has a "horrible old orangy colored bulb" is because that is the color of natural light. The color of the sun is orange, not white. For a woman putting on makeup, she wants to see how she would look in natural light. Bright white LED is not a natural light.

Veganism Loss says:

We rent this suv last week and it sucks. 0 power, Kia Soul has more power

Shafique Ul Hassan Chaudhry says:

I love Hyundai Tecsun I have 2015 i35 Tecson

Cristian I. says:

The interior looks very cheap and badly thought

haoru chen says:

consider it……… so much brit snobbery is packed in the two words it's funny. but fair enough

StarUs says:

Hyundai should be pronounced Hyeon-dae. or Hyeon-de.

Hyun-die NO NO…

Also, Hyundai means modern.

TMI ^^

Icansee u says:

The interior is terribly sad

Kyle C says:

Good thing about the center screen design like that is that no matter where the sunlight is, u can still see it, a lot cars have that problem, u just can't see the screen if the sun is in the wrong position

Sashbar says:

"Never heard of Krell" 🙂 Don't tell it to an audiophile 🙂 Krell high end gear is more expensive than this car 🙂

Ryan Bruneau says:

Who else is bored with these cramped little suv?? Wtf happened to real suvs?

dwkrx2 says:

So it’s basically a sportage 😂

Efcdan1878 says:

1st world problems – not enough room for my 🎿 in a £22,000+ car

Allen A says:

i buy if i had the money
fuck ur opinion

Zeriod101 says:

FYI Krell are a high Emerican based Hi Fi company who have been going for many years and their products are in the same league as Meridian and Naim… Tut tut, you should have done your research a little better!

Don 56 says:

Great motor, reviewer a bit of a wanker though.

*Nino* says:

I like Kia Sportage Gt-line S more

Máté says:

That is not the entry level model!!!!!! Please watch out! Thats the previous generation Tucson

Derryck Prime says:

Unfortunately, that's not how I usually read. (9:04)

Jaff 37 says:

Tucson is nice

odabasim says:

That "horrible orange color" lamp is that color because it's a make-up mirror and that light is supposed to be a natural light. You've been reviewing cars all these years and don't know this simple fact?

Tushar Arora says:

Trolling carbuyer ,you great

Tushar Arora says:

This is a flop against endeavour ,fortuner ,hexa and CR-V

D JM says:

I’ve been on Carwow and despite trying, I can’t get anywhere near the same level of discount that Mat could! Hmmmmm?

Rick Hustwick says:

Mat: VW > Any Korean Brand. Always.

rufdymond says:

Krell…make high end hi-fi you can easily pay £5,000 – £10,000 for a Krell amplifier.

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