Hyundai KONA SUV 2019 review | Mat Watson Reviews

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This is the new Hyundai KONA. The KONA is another new entry into the already crowded small SUV market, so how does it stack up to competition such as the Kia Stonic and SEAT Arona? Join me in my latest in-depth review to find out!

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Smithy* ks says:

All these negative reviews about how he hates the car, every review he makes the way he feels about the car he directly confronts the issues and going by this review it seems like the car his bland and cheap and seeing the car myself I would feel the exact same even though I like some hyundai models.

Rupert FDR says:

In short it's alright.. and that's it. It's generic. Not bad not good.

Robbie Surfer says:

Wow seems like a great car, very similar to my Fiat Sidici 4×4 2009, 4 wheel drive, diff locks, a car that is actually practical and useable

Souzinha says:

he have the the cheapest
kona so its more awful

MS J says:

not a professional reviewers

Ray Davies says:

Did he say cake or cock ?? so funny.

Γιάννης Κ. says:

I noticed that you reviewed the basic version of the car with the small display and the basic a/c and not the more equipped. That is why the cars interior looks so poor.

Jason Park says:

most biased reviewer i've ever seen… poor review….

Andrew Tzotzos says:

How very objective! I take it its the first time you see a fake air intake. I don't know man, I've watched almost all of your reviews but this one just made me angry.

Ashley Boaden says:

Poor video Matt. Seemed rushed and dismissive, the car is 15k which is very reasonable in the marketplace.

myvolvoforlife says:

Who actually buys these shit boxes new for £16k??? There are so many better 3-5 year old used cars you can buy for that money that are just as reliable.

Hasan Naser says:

This is the second time that you "avoid" the Hyundai Kona. like you did on the Ford mondeo.

jeff Yates says:

I don't think it's the best idea to poke sticks through vent holes of cars. Please stop doing that. On one other note are you seriously comparing the design of a supercar with a car aimed at people looking for an affordable car.

Mateusz Strybel says:

"Should have made it comfy and sporty". And double the price, as others do. Go back to your apartment-worth jags 😉 They have better cup holders… damn. So reliable test… I cannot believe. Find me other in segment in this price, this power and that equipped => consider this a challenge 😉

Renier Christian Corona says:

Can you do a review on 2019 hyundai veloster?

B M says:

review hyundai kona electric and do a comparison this the ICE

letsseeif says:

One Litre. You're sure. Here [Oz] there's 2 litre 'atmo' & 1.6 litre Turbo. Most are autos 'cos putting 21Century technology then finaly having it 'rowed' by a driver whose IQ averages 100 so 50% are below average IQ, beggar belief.

EV Speed says:

please review the electric kona

John Mounir says:

People it’s a Hyundai, it’s cheap and affordable for most of us I have one that doesn’t make it a good drive it’s just cheap, but for sure all of you complaining if you got the chance you throw it right away and get a better car be honest and deal with it, it’s also ugly af

hemanth sekhar says:

Let me tell you something that I have often noted in your review, It looks like you do not like South Korean manufacturers. Especially "Kia and Hyundai". But when you make a car review of these two companies, You are very harsh at criticizing the vehicles of these companies.
If you're not interested or hate it, do not have to review about these cars.
Kia Stinger is a good car. but even Kia is a good car but you mainly highlighted the negative aspects of the car. Other car reviewers have said Kia Stinger is a worth buy.
The cars of the Other companies Bmw,mercedes-benz, Audi)you have mostly reviewd some models even worse than this. But you did not say that bad….
Don't be biased.
If you do not like South Korean manufacturers or Asian companies don't make review of their cars. 👇👇"THE WORST REVIEW OF THE YEAR"👇👇.
Always praise High dollar vehicles even if they are bad…😂😂😂

antonw91 says:

I've owned the Kona Premium since 2nd March. We wanted a bigger car and test drove several in this class. The Juke was tiny inside, the Captur .8 (i think it was) the retailer forced us to test drive had no power at all, the C3 Aircoss, the top spec model seemed cheap inside, the 1.6 engine was great fun though.The Crossland was extremely uncomfortable and The Mokka…. well we were all set to buy it when we happened into the Hyundai garage and saw the Kona.
The looks are maybe a bit marmite but I personally love the styling of it, Tangerine Comet with the black roof looks great. The interior is very comfortable (front and rear). I've done several long journeys in mine (Penzance to Loughborough and back) no fatigue after which was unheard of in the previous car. The driving experience is very good with more than enough power in the 1 litre turbo for tbe back roads of Cornwall and Motorway driving. Lane assist, cruise control, parking camera… after several months of owning this car i can tell you that it's more than worth the money paid.

Sam Yates says:

So a hyundai with a black black black interior is achingly boring, but every VW (which are black black black) are not? Not sure I follow the logic there.

Arkadi Gavin says:

why would he compare this to the ford fiesta in terms of driving?

Tiago Gago says:

Fun fact:hyundai kona is called kauai in Portugal because kona is pronounced the same way as cona wich means pussy in portuguese

Frank says:

thats one ugly looking car…..

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