Hyundai i10 2020 in-depth review

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Hyundai i10 Review Breakdown:
Design – 00:58
Interior – 02:39
Equipment List – 03:31
Infotainment – 05:12
Back seats – 05:43
Boot – 06:44
Engines – 09:54
Launch – 10:42
Driving – 11:33
Verdict – 17:24

This is the brand-new Hyundai i10! The old model was one of Mat’s favourite city cars, thanks to its spacious cabin and surprisingly comfy drive. So can this new version hold up against its predecessor? Like before, you get a choice of two different engines – however, this time, you can pick from a 1.0-litre with 67hp, or a 1.2-litre with 84hp. You also get a good ol’-fashioned manual gearbox. Is this a welcome upgrade or a fall from grace? Join Mat and see!

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Romy – says:

I'm confused about the rear load cover. Does it have strings to prop it up when you open the tailgate now or not? Because I've seen several videos about the car and some have strings, while some don't (like the car in this video). Or do just the most expensive versions have the strings? lol

Robert Bidochon says:

I don't know what's the most funny between the fly of the partial shelf or the guy cleaning it's engine.

China Blue says:

I don't care how cheap a car is, I don't want one unless it has a center armrest. Keep their heated steering wheel, my elbow wants to be comfy

Gandalfwiz2007 says:

NEVER buy a Hyundai, they are crap, electrical and emission systems fail about 5 to 6 years or so.

Ranjit Salunke says:

I remember owning a 2009 i10


India's Hyundai cars are far better than these, in quality, in design, in performance, etc.

Nico Tang says:

Like this little car

Frenki Hunter says:

In my country, this little car costs 10 average monthly salaries. No air conditioning. With air conditioning, the price is already 11 months' pay. But the price of the most expensive version is already about 20 monthly salaries. That's unacceptable, for such a small car with an engine suitable for possibly a lawn mower.

Aspartame69 says:

LOL, i had a 1L fiesta and remember crossing the pennines and having to drop to 3rd gear for some hills.

Daniel I. says:

Oh man, your presentation is cool !
PS. DACIA Sandero Stepway 0.9 Tce is the king ! ( more spacious, more agility, more power, less money)

BassRacerx says:

So upset we don't get the I10 in the USA the I10-N looks like such an awesome car!

Warner González says:

Men, you are so Stupid.

M. Pereira says:

A Luso water bottle???? where the hell did you shot this? In Portugal?

Alagu c says:

In India this car is also called as hyundai i10 Nios

AuralAttack says:

After owning a BMW 3 series diesel for the past few years decided to sell it and get a cheap small car like this, went with a top spec 2015 peugeot 108, paid just under 5 grand for it with less than 15k on it… and have to say not regretted the decision one bit… zero road tax, takes about 30 quid to fill the tank and lasts a couple of weeks if not more, plus 200 quid insurance a year! Tyres and parts are cheap as f**k and the best part is I own the car out right 🙂 when you get to your mid 30's like me you start to realise cars are boring and all do the same thing… plus a never ending drain on your wallet! lol.

Lisiane Winkler says:

I'm not into cars, and yet instead of watching stand-up comedy on Netflix I am here, checking every single video review haha you are hilarious.

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