[Hunt For A Classic] Collecting A Morgan V6 Roadster

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I had planned to pause my hunt for a classic car until next year given the recent purchases of my Ferrari 360 and Porsche 718 Cayman S but Morgan very kindly lent me one of their V6 Roadsters for the weekend and it seemed to tick quite a few boxes of what I’m looking for from a classic.

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SS Standartenfuhrer says:

Boring boring bullshite !

Frank B. says:

That's what happens when you buy a cabrio in … UK !! Rain Rain Rain

David Zhang says:

That sax intro was insane! You always put the best music in your videos.

Alex Lintern says:

Very easy to see through the glass of this guy….he might know about coffee or estate agency but he is a peasant compared to guys like Jay Leno or Car SOS……Sam you cannot buy some things!

Winning Grinn says:

I prefer roadsters to supercars

Paul Taylor says:

Can you imagine Harry Metcalfe screaming about a shower? Sort yourself out!

AIASx remus says:

Great video, did you ever do a follow-up? cat find it. Thanks!!

Grant Muir says:

Always have a towel close! 😉

breathe and squeeze says:

putting up the roof was "exhausting and terrifying"??

Andy Vepers says:

OK. Bit late to the party. But you asked for some ideas for your next road trip with JWW and SOL.

Most everyone that watches these channels are not minted. But some of us might be able to afford a bit of petrol and a hotel stay or two… So, how about you three find a car each that costs less than, say £3000, that you wouldn't be ashamed to park outside a fancy hotel in the south of France (or somewhere in Italy.. glamorous – you get the idea). But you've got to drive the bugger there, ENJOY the trip and arrive feeling on top of the world!

Getting back home again, in good humour, would be a bonus. Convertibles earn extra points.

TheJagermeister917 says:

Wish you made a follow up video for this one!

mafiacat88 says:

I wish they sold morgans in Canada. They're my dream car but I don't know if I'll ever be able to get one.
Maybe one day.

kris says:

Well done, i m a big fan of morgans cars 🙂

Eddie Em Apuros says:

This is my dream car. One day i shall have the money for it. Military Green with brown leather interior and a bonnet strap.

axiomist says:

It would have been much, much nicer, to hear the car. However, between the crappy brain – rattling music and your never ending stream of verbal diarrhea, I couldn't bear to watch most of the video. You sound like a twelve year old on speed!!!

timeold75 says:

I love Morgan!

Pim Coolen says:

I love your music choice in the video’s! Can’t you make a mixtape or something? 😜

WhateverNevermind says:

Pls do a 1500 pound car challenge

Soulware3D says:

not your style but it'd be fun to see some cheap cheap cars.

Hans says:

Any more vids on the MOG?

Harrison Ganner says:

I know it's an old design, but the car is a 2006 plate, not really classic is it haha 😜

James Vickers says:

Nice sounds baby jazz nice interesting vlog you keep getting better well done you old chap a real driving experience grazie grazie Mille ciao ciao

PandaSoup says:

You could pull a Chris Harris and base your opinions of it solely on how well it drifts.

C Kelwick says:

Regular cars that people can afford like bugit wiz5000

lambosuperl says:

Do 1500 pound cars!!

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