Hummer H2 | Owners Review: Price, Specs & Features | PakWheels

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PakWheels is back with another episode of Owner’s Review. This time we bring Hummer H2 2007 model in Pakistan

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Amir Khan says:

Sunil is the best. His way of explaining things is good

Ali Haider says:

Better execution, audio and master frame!!

idrees serboon says:

yeh hammer ma na gilgit ma dekhe tha

Abdul Wajid says:

This time the review is not so good. Let me start from SUT, there is nothing like SUT it is called TRUCK only. The SUV is real word.
Second the fuel consumption of 6.8 lit H2 is equal to diesel parado 10 Km then your calculation is wrong. H2 usually give 4 to 5 km/lit and going off road it gives 2 to 3 km/lit. I can bet on it as i was an owner of H2.
Thirdly the H2 is also very fragile like in 75000Km the H2 changed it suspension three times it is very very expensive in reapirs and GM motors is always failed to give good and reliable cars. FOrd one the other hand is better than GM motors

12Achilleas says:

puts english title ,proceed to talk indian

Moaz Asif says:

h2 sut is more beautiful than normal h2

Furqan Hamid says:

Best review because suneel sir car k owner te❤️❤️

ciybersal says:

A competitor is Mercedes G glass which survived the oil price rise and still lives today.

Noushad Ranani says:

Balap ni bulb 😀

Malik Seemab says:

Sir make a review of Toyota Camry 2018.

Shahzad ali says:

Do make a owner's review on toyota aqua and Honda fit

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