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In today’s Autogefühl’s episode, we present you the Honda e Prototype, former known as Honda Urban EV. As always we cover exterior, interior.


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Nova says:

I would've been sold if this was cheaper than the Leaf. I like this car. It's modern and compact which definitely feels like the future. Only problem is the price which is predicted to be around $30,000 dollars while just having 125 miles on a full charge.

Julian Bon says:

I am waiting for the better looking honda ev sport sedan 🙂

3mrch says:

increase it's flipping range or make it charge in 15 min. OTherwise I'll get a tesla 0 practical reason to buy this unless i want to waste money on something that looks pretty.

My 2bar says:

The original concept looked a lot meaner/ better. It's become too happy and rounded now, shame really.

The Driver says:

Interior is crazy good, retro in it's design but full of tech.

Ravi Nagaraj says:

Surprised that the rear view is not rendered into one of those many flat panels from rear cameras instead of providing a mirror

G Rodriguez says:

I'm ditching my iPhone when I upgrade because they're under-spec'd overpriced pieces of poo designed to gouge the consumer & line their pockets. They should probably not affiliate or simile in any way with the iPhone because that just put me off.

ed low says:

Since they're not going to sell it to Americans, who cares?

Dave Gahan says:

Range to short and going to be to expensive, and that wooden dash trim with the horrible steering wheel, really spoils the interior. outside looks great and love the size! all cars should be around this size or smaller! and pity its battery powered!

Conor Nugent says:

It looks like they are using seat belt defecate devices

Conor Nugent says:

30 kWh battery not 30 kw battery

Ryan Brimhall says:

Send it! Mini cooper looks with honda tech

Son of Tamriel says:

2 door, with the concept wheels yes please.

F. S. says:

You did not even sit in the car. How is that a review? Also the design is based on the very first Civic, not a Renault.

bobo jo says:


l hope l may make a suggestion. Some time ago you announced a new channel for what you said are shorter videos why dont you put these carshow videos there?

Personally l have no interest in these things and its been about 15 videos since a proper review. By the way still waiting for the X7 review which l believe you said would be in March.

N N says:

Ugly piece of crap. Nothing compared to e.g. Audi.

Furious George says:

Lets hope the coupe makes it itno production. I'd buy one.

Brecht Schatteman says:

So it is now a 5 door or what? Guess I will keep my golf 3 door TSI than. I prefer the esthetics of a 3 door hatchback over that of a 5 door one. And since I don’t have kids and a hatchback is mostly a secondary car, for what reason would I want a 5 door hatchback? At least give us a 3 door version Honda!

Atid Jenkins says:

2:01 no pun intended “odyssey”

Global Nomad says:

takes succesful cues from the i3 about how design can challenge conventions for both exterior and interior – in small urban cars rather than just high end luxury. want to see this getting a bought by zipcar. Been on the interest list with Honda UK for months now. Looking forward to seeing more.

Jogi6 says:

I see what you did there, you copied a Yugo 45, you sneaky you.

Brian Petersen says:

An extremely ugly design, in the mis-steps of the Honda Element… but even worse. Terrible short range EV. I do like the side mounted video cameras, but they are still illegal in US. As interesting as the interior dash electronics look I find it very distracting from driver awareness.

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