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Honda has released the all-new Civic. The 10th generation model gets a fresh design inside and out, a stiffer, lighter chassis, more intricate suspension design and a pair of new petrol engines – all of which Honda believes will be enough to topple rivals like the Vauxhall Astra and Volkswagen Golf from the top of the class. But has the hard work paid off? Does it drive better than ever, or has the redesign come at the expense of comfort or practicality? I headed to the Civic’s world debut to find out.

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malone628 says:

All in the eyes of the beholder. Honda dares to be different and the rear end is just that, different and nothing less. I own one and love it.

Dahlia Man says:

Beauty is the eye etc etc and to me this car is stunningly beautiful, I simply love the looks front and rear. It has that 'Fast and Furious' looks going on and I thought my Seat Leon was a good looker until I saw the Honda and well……..

Lbj 23 says:

Your seat position is like grandpa 👴 style and that’s why you have so much space behind you.

Mary M says:

my dream car

Jay Slomine says:


A Frank says:

The car in real life – indeed looks awesome !

andy mcarthur says:

Good to see the ENSEMBLE is still there on the radio.

Pervert Hermit says:

It really depends on what colour you are after. If you are after white or blue, then the sedan looks better. But for red, the sedan looks plain and bland (especially the back of the car) compared to the hatch. I know this as I have visited the showroom and saw both sedan and hatch.

Szen Andor says:

"Bought mainly by the middle aged" is he stupid?

Josue Perez Rosa says:

5:01 xD

Gilles Thibault says:

The "Magic Seats" were on the Jazz/Fit/9G Euro-Civic platform and the gas tank was under the front seats. This Civic is based on the new CR-V/Civic/NA Accord platform, which places the gas tank in its normal location.

Pawel X says:

Diesel in a Hinda Civic? Yuk!

James Philipson says:

Ugly. Front on it looks cool but side of back no so much

Rich Dinapoli says:

Front is nice but the back has too much going on.

Floyd Dellon says:

How come you've never reviewed Mazda? Please do it soon. Car and SUV.

Georgios Iacovou says:

the height of the man who present the car?

Viktor Jonas says:

Fors suck sake let car be cars, noit iPad toys!

barry herron says:

I like it, hopefully they'll make the next generation bigger again so I can have something to replace my trusty accord.

Tom Williams says:

Shape is ok only thing I do not like are the black plastic panels at back and front.
There is no bar in roof lining against which Matt claimed he hit his head, at least not in my Prestige in which the head lining is well padded.
Rev hang is there for emission control and easy to drive around.

Jobie wan-kanobie says:

Woah woah as an American I have to point out 7:02
2012 mustang v6
2006 dodge viper acr
2017 camaro zl1
1977 Corvette
1977 Trans am
I would think these would all be considered very good looking post 60's American cars. I know he's just joking but still gotta point out just a few of the many sexy American cars

OH MY says:

That head unit looks laggy. not sharp and responsive

truestep says:

How tall are you?

Ahmad Fouzi says:

It might not be the best car but it does promises you the value for money 💰.

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