Here’s Why the Maybach 57S Has Lost $300,000 in Value Over 10 Years

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The Maybach 57S was the ultimate luxury sedan of the mid-2000s — but it has lost $300,000 in value over the last decade. Today, I’m reviewing a 2006 Maybach 57S to find out exactly what made the Maybach worth $370,000 back then — and I’m going to find out all the weird quirks and cool features of the Maybach 57S.

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staaaajn says:

Dropping or raising the headrest also exists on CLK (w208) convertible

consciouscool says:

Toolkit has a satellite phone with one button to call a chopper with a magnet that picks the car up, drops you at the dealer with a blue smoke up your ass option.

H1mynameisLarry says:

This particular model is about 55k lol… since it has almost all the packages. A fully loaded one is going to be 65+

Saideep Nair says:

Doug is a kind of guy who takes a maybach and picks up girls

Jessica Lee says:

Review the s560 maybach convertible

Roy BM says:

The car doesn't lack behind in options to todays cars, look at the option that is has: ACC, collision warning. Cluster and infotainment is a little dated i agree.

Official MeechMusic says:

5:30 so once the fluid is there, that is great, now I️ have to get out on the E way and wipe it down

keegan Dsouza says:

Do a video on the maybach s 600

Tony Horner says:

White Elephant.

Tony Davies says:

His voice is always annoying

J. Helpin says:

looks like a Lincoln LS

Brotherhood of Steel says:

The reason the backseat is more quirky/luxurious is the same reason that speedometer in the back is in Kph.
It's marketed towards wealthy Chinese who prefer to be chauffeured. I'm kind of surprised their isn't a fancy drop screen to ignore the driver entirely.

[MEATS] The Rifleman says:

Review a tiger I German heavy tank. They're powered by maybach engines.

padistedor says:

I feel bad for whoever had to write the owners manual.

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