Here's Why the Hummer H1 Alpha Is the Ultimate $200,000 Off-Roader

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The Hummer H1 Alpha is a crazy off-roader SUV — and it sells for huge money. Today I’m reviewing an H1 Alpha to explain why it’s worth so much, and why the Hummer H1 Alpha is so special. I’m also driving the H1 Alpha on the road to review its driving experience.


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Jb raja says:

“ of the stupid people, by the stupid people, for the stupid people.”

Joshua Silva says:

The exhaust right above the tire sounds kinda scary, what if you're flexing the suspension and it rubs on the exhaust and starts melting the tire? Unless there's something keeping it from flexing that far.

Jared Benson says:

Review a square body suburban next

DJ_BEANZz says:

My dream car was the hummer hx but sadly it was only a concept😰

Sabrin Islam says:

Doug the type of guy to open a bag of chips with scissors

I Know You're Right But says:

Doug the type to draaaaaag out a damn video just to waste your time and earn more AD Revenue & watchtime. Glad I UNsubed to the bullshit draaaaged out yapping

Berfs1 says:

about the dual sunvisors, you need to move the primary sunvisor off to the side first, then the secondary one can kick out and block some sun from the front while the primary deals with the side. Its not that rare, my 2009 ML350 has it, my mom's RX 350 has it, its just not something you would NOTICE that often.

Peter Johnson says:

Imagine going 55 for 10mins and over heating then getting hit by an ambush. Fuck the H1 so many deaths in this piece of shit….military version that is 👌👌

Mazaplay says:

Now name me another the most uncomfortable place to seat in this world, that you can actually buy and should pay $200,000 for it???????

fontik says:

I would love to see some off-road footage, but Doug shooting video alone, which making content someway primitive.

13Disciple says:

You forgot to mention the first civilian made hummer was purchased by Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Jake Thomas says:

18:27 “Fuel Filler” 😡

Peter says:

All that luxury shit like the backup camera and blind spot monitoring are entirely aftermarket installed by the owner idiot, surprised you didn't mention the touchscreen radio while you were at it

OkapiProductions says:

oh thats what arm rests are for

Sithira Weerasinghe says:

For some reason, I really love this thing

Suppress0r says:

if you want a hummer just get a used army hummer XD they will last forever

cabasse says:

cool shirt.

also, kinda cool that both driver and passengers each have their own pair of stereo speakers. for that holographic soundstage and PRAT. jk

John Copello says:

The parking brake handle knob rotates to tighten and loosen the parking brake cable like a lot of off road equipment.

Tom B. says:

No mention of the axles, differential's, transfer case. That sucks man, Especially from you.

Raf Zelek says:

Why not just have one big fuel tank?

Mega Trunks says:

Wrangler>Hummer any day

D-Base Rox says:

@ 09:00 Lame Really – I mean 4 petes sake that cr is like a tank — In an accident U R likely 2 fair much better tan MANY others

ReefaCheefa says:

Yen talk about the roof foo

Espc says:

Doug is the kind of guy who actually likes driving a hummer alpha

Jesse C says:

HEEYYYY it's like the new Jeep Gladiator!

Except this one works. Price is the same though.

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