Here’s Why the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Is Worth $80,000

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The all-new Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio is absolutely worth its $80,000 asking price — and here’s why.

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Shadow Walker says:

Every Alfa Romeo car got direct & precise steering. But this one is realy special.

Giovanni The Parthenopean says:

Alfa Is back🐍🇮🇹

Ubar says:

dude corky? how many years ago have you driven an Alfa? not any Italian car an Alfa , and taking a leap of faith for any car euro freak is to choose an m3 or amg over 4folio … once an alfisti always an alfisti

Fifa Dillon says:

If only it wasn't 80k

Dean M says:

$80k and it doesn't have a sunroof?

j p says:

I like the car so what

mark olivares says:

I love using this car in forza 7 👍🏼

Henrik Kristian Bergman says:

I just love these reviews. So much information on details etc.

Dave Wells says:

Yes, this car is worth the money.  Its going to be very appreciated someday.  It will be extremely desirable.

j K says:

Doug the type of guy to wear a rain coat going through an automatic car wash.

radiogreenblue says:

Bought a Giulia TI 280hp back in January. Like it so much, I went to work for them selling the car in dc metro area. If you like a freeway rocket, super stable , able to soak up expansion joints at 75 that practically bounce a minivan off the bridge look no further. want one? radioreception g ml

#Resist#PunchaNazi#SJWfaggot#RedRum says:

They really don't want you to use the signals lol

Ty Williamson says:

It just looks like an impreza

G.J. KOSTER says:

I drive a BMW but I wouldnt hesitate to swap it for this beauty. Actually I do not really like my BMW, I prefer my wife's Volkswagen GTE in all honesty

lorensg7 says:

you need to buy some professional equipment

R005T3R K1NG says:

I love this video. It's a car he clearly likes and honestly so should everyone else. It's not some be all end all, just a pretty good car with a good badge!

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