Here's Why the 2018 Volkswagen Golf R Is Better Than its Rivals

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The 2018 Volkswagen Golf R is a great hot hatchback — and it’s better than its rivals. Today I’m reviewing a Golf R, and I’m going to show you why the VW Golf R is such a great car.

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Doug DeMuro says:

I hope you enjoy my parking sensor song 😉

TheBizzle1978 says:

You obviously don't know that Top Tier fuel is recommended for German (and some American) cars. I guess your the type of guy that likes to pay for expensive intake manifold decarbonization.

Bernie DIAPER SANDERS Lukso says:

C'mon man ! Here's why here's why. Idiot.

ama neden says:

You need to try Megane RS first, then you can dedice which is better.

Vanu says:

Exept the Honda Civic Type R is fadter, more fuel efficient and cheaper.

the carlover says:

Ford focus rs has left the chat

Dok Lk7 says:

This is nice if you're kinda gay.

Jupp der Wal says:

Golf has less hp but nevertheless better acceleration than a focus rs

Irish Dad and Irish Son says:

The plastic piece on the key fob that comes with it originally is there because they figure at dealerships they'll get banged up or dropped during test drives etc.

W BMusic says:

Honda Civic Type R is the best..

Kevin Wich says:

Hey man. Love the videos, but you're obviously a european car fanboy. The RS has this thing beat in almost all categories. Don't get me wrong, this is an amazing value of a car, but the RS is faster and much more practical…. Even if it has like 6,000 RS badges.

Jake B says:

Doug drives million dollar cars in hiking boots and t-shirts… if that's not a life goal then I don't know what is.


Dude thins thing with dsg is quicker than all of its competitors 😑

C B says:

Good video overall. You definitely covered some points others haven't…but, why are you comparing the RS3 with the rest when it is a tier above all of those cars mentioned? Without a doubt, the S3 would be a closer comparison.


Quick check gas burns faster. Anyone else?

Steel Eagle says:

Doug the type of guy to make a song out of the backup sensor warning pitch

RYO says:

Interior quality sucks!
ugly cheap plastic

Mark Freeman #408 says:

That's awesome!

Mark Wassouf says:


Petar Pan says:

gz u just buyed plastic german shit 🤣 mehanics are waiting for u they love vw garbage made from 2000 and after, they live cus there is stupid people who buy trash like this 🤣 nothing personal cheers 🙂

Guil Deandrade says:

What a hater

Botond Hunyady says:

The Lamborghini huracan is jealous of those hexagons.

p ch says:

Nothing makes me laugh like an American making fun of Gaerman engineering lol, same country who shipped and kidnapped every German engineer from Germany during and after world war 2
In case u guys don’t know this , Germans are the largest number of immigrants in the USA

Jesus Cuellar says:

76 gas is better than arco, prove me wrong

Alexandar Hull-Richter says:

So there was this one time when the oil filter in my mom's minivan failed, and she kept driving it in spite of the car telling her there was no oil pressure. The van got a new engine after that.

My mom needed this warning label.

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