Ford Mustang V8 Sports Car 2018 review | Mat Watson Reviews

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2017 Ford Mustang 4K review – Mat Watson

The Ford Mustang is an affordable sports coupe with an addictive soundtrack – get Mat Watson’s verdict with our full 4K review.

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carwow says:

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Jumbomuffin13 says:

You know this video is sponsored by Ford when you get a Ford ad..

Israel Morris says:

Lol ima be dead by the time you fianlly do a comparison roll race n drag race with the 3 American muscle cars 🇺🇸 Chevrolet vs dodge vs ford and you please do please make it far

Ron McKinney says:

American cars simply are crap, Please do a new corvette c8 review , from the USA 🇺🇸

NiTeHaWKnz says:

The "bang for your buck" joke was cheesy but a good one and yeah…. I spotted the My Little Pony LOL

Liberty and Justice says:

Roads in the US are straight and wide, this is why big US car manufacturers never cared for good handling in their car models. They only started trying mainly the last 15 years I'm guessing because of the INTERNET OUTCRY, when American car buyers were seeing Europeans trash American cars so much, therefore Americans started complaining about having crap handling cars, thus American car manufacturers listened and changed their tune. We can see this with Corvette, Camaro (7:16 laptime on nurburgring), Cadillac CTS-V, etc. But even then, American cars have huge import tax put on them in Europe because your politicians are afraid of Americans competing in your market. 🤣😉

People here did not care about leather interior either, and American manufacturers are known for penny pinching. So yes, cheap interiors too. 😋

Adesuyi Ayodeji says:

seen almost all videos. Loving this channel. Why havent you done something on dodge challenger demon?

alban dalipaj says:

It si 2015 car and it is a dream

Im.a.tea.addict says:

Why were you’re wipers on lol

Martin Donohue says:

Who’d have thought it; a cheap, nasty, Yank bag of shite 🙄

Ryan Dimmick says:

Dunno why this guy isn’t on top gear

Jeff Eradus says:

Hi matt please do a review about the shelby mustang gt350 2016+

Juanito Esteves says:

the cool thing in mustangs it has a crowd control mode , if you want to use it go to a car meet and atempt to power glide with the accelerator fully down

morris philip says:

No one complaints on Bugatti not having a back seat but u paid 2 million for it!!

Craigsta says:

I rented a convertible one for a week in the U.S. I still dream about it. Sure, the dashboard is tacky but the exhaust system volume is adjustable and with that soundtrack, you can forgive anything.

Raghav Mahajan says:

Why sports car always have super shit interiors? 🙄

vip3r6 says:

0:57 Who cares Matt? This is a Mustang, not a BMW! 2:33 this is what we should care about!

Jacob Cunningham says:

I drove that mustange but i had flappy paddels and it was on a private race track. It was beautiful

Dubstep Toxic Mask Productions says:


Toni J says:

This as..ole treated this Mustang like crapp but who cares !
Love Mustangs especially 18/19

1 sting music says:

Could you do a video with the Dodge SXT version and I was wondering if it's good for everyday Drive

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