Ford Fiesta vs Volkswagen Polo vs Vauxhall Corsa 2016 review | Head2head

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It’s the battle of the superminis as we pit three of the most popular cars in Britain against one another! They say the best things come in small packages, well I found out which one of these is the best, covering looks, interior, driving and even practicality. Can the fun handling, fan favourite, Ford Fiesta claim the top spot, or will the practical and sensible Volkswagen Polo rain supreme? Perhaps the hight affordable Vauxhall Corsa will prove to be the class best thanks to its sheer value for money. Find out what I really think of these superminis in this Head2head class video!

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Kieran S says:

Should do a 2018 version of this

andy howe says:

is carwow sponsored by Vauxhall ? : )

2sweet2handle says:


Ryan Kingston says:

You need to do another group test between the new versions of these cars, even though the new polo will be the clear winner.

Jon Reed says:

Blind? The corsa better looking than the fiesta?!

Eral Akman says:

The corsa is great but you have to pay extra for evrything and you cant get rear eletric windows at all

Tuul Tserengunkhev says:

Vw has best quality

Redjje V.G says:

The skoda Fabia looks so sad.
Corsa us better between the Classic polo and the fiesta looks old inside.

marjan pavlovski says:

Opel rules 😉

BMW KING says:

I would like a vw polo

Derp says:

Corsas are for pedos.

Cheta Oussama says:

i believe you can get a 1L or 1.2L turbo charged polo with more than a 100 hp it's much fun !!

brieflycake says:

Im not in the market for a new car and i never buy brand new cars anyway. Even if i wad looking for a new car it wouldnt be a small hatchback. Why am i watching this?

Flatron says:

The fiesta wins cuz it's best selling in England

Super Saiyan 3 says:

ford fiesta as a first car?

Drew Smith says:

The Polo is a ugly ass shitter old mans car, the ford has the best drive and looks good but the Corsa wins because it has a bit or everything'e get the Corsa any day as its more car for your money . good vid

Epic Plonker says:

But nonetheless still the best out of all 3

Epic Plonker says:

Polo is good but its interior is boring

Steven E says:

How do the new Polo and Fiesta match up now?

TheNiceJackass says:

I feel I need to clear a few things up about the Corsa. I have a Corsa D SE ecoflex 2011 reface 1.3 CDTI 16v 5 door and I must say I think it looks even better than the Corsa E. Buying a Corsa and finding out what engine it actually has can be difficult and confusing. I have driven the 1.2 petrol and if you are seriously considering this engine then you should shoot yourself because a fluffy pink teddy has more guts than that horrible engine.. As for other petrols I wouldn't go for anything less than the 1.4 although in the real world even the 1.4 would struggle to keep up with the 1.3 CDTI that is in my car especially up a hill.

The 1.3 CDTI is a confusing engine because there is at least 3 variants. A 75hp version with 170 Nm torque, another 75hp but with 190nm and a 95hp with 210nm and contrary to popular believe the 95hp variant isn't always fitted with the the six speed box and the red CD"TI" badge on the back. I don't know why but my insurers think my engine is one of the 75hp variants despite mine having the bigger variable vine turbo fitted and the fact that I've had it upto nearly 120mph and will do 90mph all day long no sweat.

Do look out for an ecoflex version has it has nice 16" alloys and I do believe it shares some suspension components with the VXR., thicker anti-roll bar, better springs etc and slightly lowered.

The only bad things I'd say about my car is the interior isn't the nicest around but it deffo isn't worst and the A-pillers are very thick, slightly obstructing my view on roundabouts and the auto wipers don't know what to do in light rain.

I love my car, even after owning it for 4 years. Very big on the inside especially in the back if you get a 5 door and the heated seats and steering wheel you get in the SE are fantastic in winter.

ryan hebob says:

who's dad is this

Gigel Chiazna says:

Vauxhall is not very reliable. In fact, is crap

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