First test drive and review of the new Iveco S-Way range

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Commercial Motor’s Will Shiers has a first look and test drive of the brand new Iveco S-Way range at the launch in Spain. Pick up next weeks issue of Commercial Motor magazine to read our full review – subscribe now and have it delivered to your door:


john donovan says:

looks nice outside. inside sorta scania like. screen is way too small too

St. Devil says:

What's the need for that hideously high pitch loud music? Thumb down just due to that.

Das Mäxchen says:

Von vorne Scania und von der Seite Volvo aber optisch sieht er nich schlecht aus.
Beruhigend zu sehen das da noch ein Lenkrad vorhanden ist

Scofield Boy says:

Look like's scania

Izaias Cabral says:

Adorei e achei muito Lindo o Novo Iveco !!
Quero ele logo no Brasil
Sou carreteiro e trabalho no Brasil com um Iveco Cursor 330 !
Parabéns pra Iveco !
Um abraço a todos !
Elton Röper !!!

frans boers says:

waar is de mooie V 8 VAN IVECO

Enes Alaka says:

sen ne yapcan ivecoyu. git onun yerine scania veya f-max al.

Daniel Hadrovic says:

Bißchen zusammengewürfelt. Scania, Actros bisschen Volvo und in der Kabine bissle viel von Renault.

MrFilipopipo .a says:

Iveco is shit. Everyone who drove it knows it is bad truck.

gibanica says:

Well what's the stock price?

Petr Klic says:

If i gonna get new job and they offer me drive to Iveco or Renault or lowdeck a say…fuck you

rallyman rallyman says:

It looks like the new scanias

Jonas Petersen says:

The looks like the new Scania

Ricky Harvey says:

Smashed in Volvo

Chris Hoggett says:

Hard to tell just by this short video. But I have the impression the steering wheel hasn’t got as much adjustment range in it as other new trucks.

wackER says:

Гена Горин ты ли это?

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