Fiat Urban Cross Long Term Review – Built Like A Tank | MotorBeam

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Close does a long term review of the Fiat Urban Cross which is based on the Avventura which is in turn based on the Punto. The Fiat Urban Cross might not sell in good numbers but is a car which carries a lot of emotion and has superb driving dynamics. It feels built to last and is priced attractively too.

The Fiat Urban Cross is available with both petrol and diesel engine options, the diesel isn’t the most powerful in the segment but has a superb mid-range whereas the petrol boasts of the most performance as it is powered by Abarth.

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Bala subramanian says:

What about maintenance? And we can get spare parts easily

Sagar Pawar says:

The best Italian car THE FIAT

Kidrock says:

Some constructive criticism. Would urge you to consider using more subtle music on the reviews. Distracts a lot from the content and the info. Sometimes gets pretty annoying too.

Satyam singh says:

How many airbags in this car

Singh is king Mumbai says:

Even if the gearbox is rubbery there is no issue with it. I mean the gears when engage remains engaged and miss-shift never happens. So rubbery gearbox is not at all an issue

Singh is king Mumbai says:

Keep rpm above 1500 in city and the fiat punto glides over speed brakers and bumper to bumper traffic

nitin thakare says:

सर शोरूम से 2017 का अर्बन क्रॉस dinamic मॉडेल (एअरबग नाही है) कितने में खरिदना चाहिए? वो 700000 लाख ऑफर दे रहे हैं.नाशिक on road price 848000 hai.आज ऑगस्ट 2018 हैं.in डिझेल.

Stark Work says:

No comparison to Polo. faltu ki tarif mat kar chuiye.

johy2007 says:

Fiat makes the best cars.

Ankit soni says:

Kya yee ford figo se better he..?? Safety or power me..??

Rajeev Pant says:

Fiat's 185mm grnd clrnce, 1.3cc with best tunning 93bhp@4k on wheel on heaviest body give fastest pickup with best mileage, abs with ebd, password protected mus sys, rotational immobilizer protected, unique heavy suspension n On accident- features like stoping object till 10 cm, pushing down machine, locking machine by iron beam, disconnecting oil tank to avoid blast, unlocking doors, four disk breaks, heavy beams n metal plate @ 6 directions save the pessanger, no critic or site tell

Anand Gawali says:

@faisalkhan Plz review Punto Abarth

sandeep shah says:

really good and honest review

Parth Kakkad says:

It is good for offroad driving??

Bharath venkataraman says:

I love only FIAT.

Madhu M.S says:

The touch screen is resistive… use to nail

Vinod Pardesi says:

Have the UC Abarth, and man o man! The punch it packs.

Hasan Khazi says:

Yep I agree only fiat can create a bond. Proud owner of one – exotic red 1.3 dynamic.

Next Level 99 says:

That is Europe version and this is Indian version remember Europe Fiat never says that thier Fiat is tank they said thier cars are safe Indian version are different because in India we got 1200 kgs Fiat Punto and in Europe you got 1050 kgs so many different in safety in India Fiat is really safe n secure

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