Fiat 500X In-Depth Review, Interior, Exterior, Pricing

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If you don’t follow the world of motoring too closely (I don’t blame you), you might be surprised to know that Fiat now owns Chrysler. Yes, in the upheaval caused by 2009’s American Carpocalypse, the Italians picked up Chrysler for a song.

Recently the first offspring of that unlikely marriage have begun arriving in South Africa, namely the Jeep Renegade and the Fiat 500X. Both are built side by side in Italy, sharing the same platform and engines.

We reviewed [link] the Renegade a little while ago and it’s safe to say everyone at the office was pleasantly surprised by the little Jeep. Build quality was superb and even though the price was steep, we thought that maybe, maybe, the Renegade had enough character to sway a few buyers.

Fast forward and we’ve now spent some time with the rather awkward-looking sibling of the Renegade, the Fiat 500X. Fitted with the same 1.4 litre turbo MultiAir motor borrowed from the rest of the Fiat and Alfa Romeo line-up, the 500X is certainly peppy. It’s an eager little terrier around town and build quality is just as impressive as the Renegade, but somehow it doesn’t feel as refined.

We gave the 500X a thorough once-over in our latest video. Do let us know what you think of the little Italian and whether at about R350 000, you’d actually consider one. While not a bad car at all, the segment that the 500X enters into is a well-established in SA, with cars like the popular Nissan Juke, affordable Renault Captur and, soon, the Mazda CX-3.

Interested in a Fiat 500X in South Africa?


Ntombekhaya Manqola says:

Test drive it

Young Gunz says:

In America jeeps are known as gas guzzlers and a brand that breaks down a lot. Its considered an auto brand for those that want to ve elite but cant afford to pay for luxury

Jr tortellini says:

I love this car !

Byron says:

The top for design!!

Abdul-rhman Kattoush says:

I am in love with this car

rajeev soni says:

its amazing car ..

Jed Laidlaw says:

When and if you get your hands on the latest Renaults, can you please do a video
eg: Kadjar,Talisman,and can you please do a video on the Renault Scenic

M Mboweni says:

😇🙇😸👑🐶🐕🐩🏦🔜love it

Ju-Aan van der Poll says:

So… No video ranting and raving about VW's diesel scandal? SA has a very large diesel audience. Nothing? So we as South Africans just don't give a damn? Oh yes… Forgot we are third world. We don't care about any of that. That's why us cavemen still don't see Hybrids and EVs as anything serious. It's funny how I was able to answer my own question.

josh_oohahhh says:

The value of the 500X will drop after awhile as with all the Fiat's and Alfa's
Allows people to buy really good cars for cheaper second hand after awhile.
Bought my Fiat 2nd hand with super low mileage and it's years cheaper and more powerful than it's competitor, the Golf 1.4TSI Bluemotion of the same year regardless the mileage

Kufre Udobong says:

I think I'll still prefer the Nissan juke

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