Fiat 500 Pop | She says, he says review |

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Sally Dominguez and Matt Campbell discuss the Italian’s brand $14,000 city car.
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franz chong says:

nearly bought one but couldn't find any for a reasonable price.the lack of a half decent automatic and reliability issues made me look elsewhere.

bastardsonofretkillr says:

Get a Madness 500 Go Pedal for your fiat 500

it costs $300 but it'll rev up this great little car into a speed demon and put a big smile on your face

Russ Fleming says:

Not good in Canadian winters. Versa note is better, althoughno where near as good looking.

Freezer Dweller says:

she has that sex in her eyes, makes me hot right now.  anyone else feel that way ?

Kathleen Carter Steeves says:

I'm about to buy one of these so thanks so much good to know going in

robcig says:

Good review. I wonder about long term reliability though

James B says:

I've had motorcycles that use more than 5.5l. That's amazing for a car!

Sterain 61 says:

I just got my Fiat 500 Pop. I love it =)

Hein Preller says:

Great review on a great car – the Fiat500 has so much charisma. Puts a smile on your face every time!

Linda plumley says:

Cokyizzbvcvhfhjgmljjrrxkhfgjmgyygjtt says:

Calais V will be uploaded soon.

HoldenisAustralian says:

Interesting review concept, would like to see reviews of gender targeted cars and cars that the wife wouldn't like. Mazda 2, 3, VF Commodore, 86/BRZ etc.

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