Fiat 500 Abarth Review – We Woke the Neighbors With This Thing!

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Man this thing is LOUD. But under the right circumstances, that’s ok. This is AutoAcademics’ review of the 2018 Fiat 500 Abarth. M.S.R.P. – $26,505.

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“That Part” by Diamond Ortiz
“Honey Bee” by Kevin MacLeod
“Truckee” by Otis McDonald
“Wok Hard” by Mike Relm

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Larkin Christy says:

Great video!

Joey Diamonds says:

Top speed is more than 113, I've got my 2015 Auto to 120 before backing off….

Jose Edrosolano says:

Is the stick model better and more fun or nahh

Jose Edrosolano says:

Very good vid

Timothy Butler says:

I really enjoy mine. For someone buying one, but doesn’t want to modify it. I so $600 for 500madness piggyback ECU. That gets the power level right for daily driving with even more fun, and 3 modes that you change with your cellphone app.

ClodFillet says:

$26k for a car that hasn’t changed much since it came back to the states? You can find these for as low as $9k now 🤔

Fellipe Rodrigues says:

instant dislike when i saw that automatic

Evette Collins says:

I'm not a fan of small cars but this one has quite a few features.

Mouseball160 T says:

Another review done by shekel grubbing shit heads ….. you don’t anything about this car except what you read in a press release …… eat a dick you Hilary Clinton supporting shills

Richard says:

Looks like you’re sitting too far back. In any car, with your back pressed firmly against the seat, your wrists should reach the top of the wheel when you hold ‘em straight out.

akrokdesign says:

I daily mine. Got 104k miles, so far on my '13 Abarth.

Thomas E. Tisdale Jr says:

Awesome video!!!

Melissa Jones says:

Man that car is loud! LOL Seems like a fun car to drive though 🙂

Steve W says:

A bit of lean? It feels like the car will tip over in a turn!!

Jazeeb Karbelkar says:

When your instrument cluster display is larger than infotainment one 👏🏻

palebeachbum says:

I'm not one for noisy cars of any variety, but I must say this little 500 Abarth sounds pretty darn great! I can only see using it for a fun weekend car though, not a daily driver. Even as a single guy with no kids, the lack of a usable backseat or any real cargo area is a deal breaker. There are other subcompacts out there that offer both…at the expensive of the performance this one delivers.

Steve Jones says:

this car is such a gem. I love the way it looks, the interior is decent. I love the abarth.

Reid Chase says:

It beats a smart car lol

Ryan's vlogging it says:

It can t beat the Ford fiesta St sorry it looks ok but it's got more bark than bite

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