Ferrari Portofino | India Drive Review | Autocar India

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With ‘just’ 600hp from its twin-turbo V8, the Portofino is Ferrari’s entry-level model, but don’t let that put you off. As Hormazd Sorabjee found out on a drive through majestic Jaisalmer, it might just be the most usable Ferrari for everyday conditions. And with a roof that folds away in just 14 seconds, you get to enjoy it with the wind in your hair.

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mudassar nadaf says:

It's all fun and exciting until it hits our crazy road bumps.
PS: i have seen illegal road bumps on national highways which looks mini hills constructed by the locals.

Sourabh Jain says:

Your camera team is awesome!! Especially shots taken in Jaisalmer fort. Lovely cinematography there.

CLUB DC 11 says:

my rajasthan is so beautiful please come and visit rajasthan

Mukul Thakur says:

does it have a headphone jack?

kiran goudm says:


Dear thanks for the video pls explain a in a video differences between 14 inches wheels size to 18 inches wheels sizes

also does alloy wheels makes a difference in mileage

Sk Aman Parvez says:

What's the price in India????

Nishanth Gh says:

Loved a dish of a wheel spin in the end

M Ean says:

I love blue ferrari

Shailendra Singh says:

Looks better than monza to me

Cyril Matthew says:

I still can't understand whats the fun when some computer algorithms makes gear shift and those who drive has no control over the engine revv range. It almost feels the same when a motorcyclist is offered a scooter… WHERE IS THE FUN

Roady badshah says:

Mind-blowing 😎

Tuneup music says:

please make a video on pagani

Bandit Away says:

I'll be buying the Ferrari this December

Tushar Sarda says:

Which music is this which starts at 5 mins onwards of this video???? Can any one help

Gaurav Ahuja says:

Do Dodge Challenger demon. 797hp

kamil shaikh says:

Kitna deti hai

Rohith Bharadwaj says:

pls make a video of new Triumph Street twin 2019 video also…!

Joel George says:

Watch the burn out at .25x speed. It's awesome.

Raghav Malhotra says:

work hard after watching this video
to be driving this or a car like this someday
all the best!!

Kaushik Roy says:

What is that watch you are wearing? It’s stunning!
And a great review !


i will buy it anyhow today or tommorow

Sourav Besra says:

Loved this episodes. Pls keep making such video. A mix of lifestyle, with a little travel mixed with the review of the cars! Loved it.

Bill Vinay says:

The 0-100 is still slower than a Tesla Model P100D! That's surprising!

Aman Agarwal says:

That visual shot at 6:32….with a wind mill in the background and this red hot beauty in the foreground is a sight to behold…😍😍 Great cinematography!! Finally Autocar is focusing more on experience with these set of cars

Parimal , says:

Nice vid. So this is the Ferrari which can be driven for regular commute ? As of now only Jaguar F Type & Audi R8 are 2 sports cars which can be driven on regular Indian roads.

SD7's Gaming says:

ferrari can never beat lambo neither in speed neither in looks

SK Cartoon says:

Kitna deti h ??

Ishan Chauhan says:

There are people who can't afford anything like this but still watched the whole video
We call this car love ❤️
Great video


Very excellent video

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