Ferrari F12 review – Top Gear – Series 20 – BBC

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Jeremy enjoys a wet weekend in England with the help of the Ferrari F12. A car so brilliant even the Stig would buy one. Subscribe for more awesome Top Gear …


j14mp says:

is he wearing an IWC big pilot?

ard k says:

What is the song that starts at around 1.33?

TheTwicey says:

Less power? Cars are never perfect are they.

Bujor Vasile Lucian says:

For me the Lamborghini Huracán – Diablo redesigned – is a good opponent and
more affordable.

Austin Murphy says:

Is this supposed to be the successor to the California? Or just something

Abdullah Khan says:

this car has just replaced my older favorite car in the universe

n0hav0cyet says:

While some of their later cars are aesthetically beautiful, most of
Ferrari’s newer designs are just too complicated and generic to me. While
the side of the car looks gorgeous, the front of it just looks too
aggressive and idiotic; while the rear just looks like a uterus.

Quentyn73 says:

Learn the metric system for crying out loud!

LatviaRullz1 says:

What’s the song name at 1:35 till about 2:00 (and later..)?

Neel J says:

I have this car, its a beast! totally worth it! 

Ian Starkey says:

I still really like the 599 it replaced. I dunno, the styling just
appealed to me more.

joshimura1995 says:

the la ferrari is faster it pruduced 960hp ^^

Kylle Dumlao says:

Much less power? Jeremy, is that really you? +Top Gear 

Rush Sharif says:

The directing for Top Gear is always awesome. I love all the angles they
get from this Ferrari when on the road.

Jai Juttla says:

was this aired? 


At last Top Gear uploaded their review of the F12 to Youtube. Every car
reviewer describes this car as a Bucking Bronco when in race mode but a
poodle in regular mode. Incredible how the characteristics of a car can be
so drastically changed thanks to computers. This car then was aptly given
devil’s eyes. This car has the most refined engine I have ever heard.
Absolute music to the ears! The exhaust system on this car must be set up
totally different to American muscle cars, if American muscle cars like the
Mustang, Corvette and Camaro have totally different exhaust notes (a
throaty gurgling exhaust note).

It is a bit strange why Ferrari jacked up the power so much over the
previous Berlinetta model (~100 horsepower more) since one cannot give a
Grand Tourer car much more horsepower than the F12 without turning it into
a proper race car like the LaFerrari and McLaren P1

zlyable says:

500hp is the sweetspot

Antonio Pratama says:

Wait wait, “Stig says..”? He really can speak? Thats a myth.

Mokhtar Mouhib says:

beast machine .. amazing engine .. amazing downforce and aerodynamic ..
just wow

Malik Yasser says:

this Ferrari lo0k’s like a truck to me

Riccardo Sandri says:

Is an Italian car’ s!!!!! <3

Siam Bari says:

I dunno why, but I quite don’t like the body, it’s like a hutchback to me.
I won’t deny the power of the beast. But I just don’t like the body

Sajjan Cavet says:

I can’t tell if I like the looks or not.

Brian Connolly says:

does anybody know the name of at song around 6.48 that plays till the end
of the video?

Nugraha Triputra says:

F12 VS Veyron

Jamesteo Rock says:

Next : Ferrari Print Screen SysRq
Next : Ferrari Scroll Lock
Next : Ferrari Pause Break

TheBlackIdentety says:

Shitting all over Lamborcrappy’s face. :D

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