Ferrari 488 Pista First Drive Review!

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This is the Ferrari 488 Pista! Ferrari’s latest light weight, driver focused, mid-engined supercar developed for the track! The Ferrari 488 Pista effectively has the engine from Ferrari’s 488 Challenge car, resulting in an increased power output of of 710hp vs the 488 GTB and a kerb weight of just 1385kg, 90kg less than the 488. All of this results in a 0-62mph time of just 2.9 seconds!

Numbers are one thing however, in this video I discover just what the turbo generation of track focused Ferrari’s is all about!

Tunnel Run In My Ferrari F12 TDF!




Epidemic Sound


RandomTechS@#T says:

488 Fisting

Qassi3m says:

Great video but would love to see exterior covering as well

John Odendaal says:

Pista or the LFA?

Isiblitz says:

Those peeping noises would freak me out

CyLo says:

I thought this for a long time, but I've to speak out… You look like Boris the Animal from Men in black 3 with those sunglasses 🤣🤣🤣 But a classy animal 😂😂 Love it 😁 Makes me laugh every time 😁 BTW, I love how your head is rocking up and down when shifting, can almost feel the force at acceleration through the screen 😲😲 Greetings

dubai308 says:

Is this road photoshopped? 2:28

Ximing Huang says:

Forget about the car since I can't afford it where can I buy the same pair of sunglasses? Thanks MrJWW

Javier De La Rosa says:

Ese Ferrari 488 Pista es una belleza y encima es rapidisimo en circuito, mas rápido que sus rivales

Benjie Roy says:

What a beautiful car with astounding performance!! I know they're not on the same league but looking forward to a comparison between this and the 720s. Which would you much prefer?

Manuel Maraton says:

go straight with a car like that…boring

Thomas Evers says:

Why was the car beeping at you, that was a little annoying?

Kaptenarn E says:

Does this feel faster than the 812?

Graham Walshe says:

What is that annoying beep you hear every now & again ?, beep shifts possibly

Paolo Saggiorato says:

Best cars❤❤❤❤❤

Sasa Obradovic says:

Is the pista realy that fast ? The regular 488 ist Not realy fast….. around 6.7 sec 100-200 km/h i think they did Not have their 670 bhp…. i think around 600 bhp…. Because i raced a few 488 vs my 458 Stage 2 ( 620 bhp ) i smoke them every Time….. thats Why am unsure about the pistas times & bhp

Nic Whitehead says:

Really want on, really can’t afford one. Mega car great video good work

Supercars n More says:

Just watched MrJww video of the F12 in tunnel, now watching this video. F12 sounds soo much better!

gooby says:

the turbo whistle is perfect from the outside 😍

Veglia Borletti says:

cant select above 1080 on IE11 W10

Jonathan Careless says:

Did you go around any corners?

Patrick Lay says:

Is anyone else checking their microwave for something that was heated up? Beep. Beep. Beep.😀

Mamo says:

I don't get it.
Everybody raves about the F40 and 288 GTO, and they have turbo engines. Yet people still bitch-and-moan about Ferraris having turbo engines now.
What's up with that?

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