Exclusive: Mercedes-Maybach S650 Review

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The India exclusive review of the all new Mercedes-Maybach S 650. The updated sedan brings new levels of luxury and convenience to pamper the most discerning well-healed buyer. Throw in a powerful V12 engine and you get 1000 Nm of torque to play with too. See the latest technologies and comforts for yourself.

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Epicjack says:

If you are business man avoid Luxury sedan .

For your safety go for Luxury SUV , Better Protection and road clearance .

Munish Perke says:

Ain't the GC too less

Thomas Dobie says:


Sanchit Tilwani says:

Get a haircut🙄

Innocent Mapete says:

top of the range vehicle

Big Bro says:

I will definitely buy this car if you like my comment

Sultan Al-Saud says:

When is the new generation of the s class 650 coming ?

Karan Kulkarni says:

This model is best, keep this model forever please😍😍

Emirhan Avcı says:

We have got s400 better than s650

Rahul Khindri says:

Kindly remove your this host or ask him to become more presentable or groom himself

Talha nadeem says:

All good review but you didn't showed the interior properly

Rahim Shaikh says:

This is going to be my next car for sure…

Shubham Pawar says:

When Mercedes Benz says the best or nothing this is what they are talking about and man it's the best.
It even puts the bentley's and rolls royce to shame.

Niranjan Gupta says:

Looks pretty normal

Miclleon David says:

What's the price

Philip Bouri says:

It's funny seeing a luxury car being reviewed by an Indian (only because I am so used to seeing only Shmee, Salomondrin, V. Virgins, and all the other Americans)…But I really like his vibe, his accent, his pace, the filming (he is not so "loud and annoying" like the Americans), etc… I am subscribing 🙂

garam videos says:

i would pick this over ghost anyday but mulsanne… not so sure that too mulsanne speed is just another thing, man and also by only seeing the editing of the video you can say it is an indian car review

Sayana Hel says:

It so beautifull

unstoppable` says:

pimpri chinchwad passing 😍cool tho

Ellankavi Ramasamy says:

worth £201,997 when you pick it up, £101,997 when you get down, and £20,997 the next month… naughty kids with sticks and stones 😉

Anuj Tewari says:

Gurgaon's Golf course road is getting big eyes from automobile advertisement and show makers.

Sachin Ki says:

Average kya deti hai ?

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