DS 4 review – Carbuyer (Citroen DS4)

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With the DS brand now separate from Citroen, its range of cars has been treated to a refresh. The latest is the stylish DS4 which has the new family face and a slightly revised interior. There’s a range of petrol and diesel engines, plus decent list of standard equipment. We find out if it’s a worthy alternative to traditional hatchbacks and increasingly popular crossovers.

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Cris Quaranta says:

gran bell'auto

Ban Powel says:

The bmw 1 series is lower quality in comparison to the ds4, and its a far nicer car to sit and drive in.

Thomas Powell says:

Trying desperately to be a golf lol

Sapphire89 says:

As a Hyundai driver I never thought I'd say this but I'm actually considering buying the first model DS4. It's just a great looking car with a lot of value for your money, especially when you buy a used one. Also you rarely see it on the road so you will have a quite unique vehicle.

Steven Wrigley says:

So funny how you keep saying Citreon 😂

Pritesh Champaneri says:

It's got the world's ugliest steering wheel

Patrick Star says:

A car that you cant open the back windows da fuq 😂

John McCallum says:

I love my DS4, smooth, responsive, delight to drive. And I love it's typically French idiosyncrasies. Its a big two finger salute to to the German cars.

rahmann says:

So why didn't they give it a rear pop out Windows better than nothing. You would be roasting in the back in hot weather till the air con came on

mpasistasyalanci says:

To name a car DS and not being offensive to her own history, citroen has to make a car that has the best ride quality, be innovated in everything, has space and practicality and could be desirable even 50 years from now. And they just make weird hatches that will be forgotten or are not desirable even now and they make a whole new brand out of this?

jam63112 says:

Actually this is not based on the C4 but it's a C3 body Like the Cactus

Henry Boo says:

TBH I just want to suck him off.

jimmyj1969 says:

Car manufacturers have gone too far to save money: first, they replaced regular-size spare tyre with "emergency" spare tyre, then they relace even that miserable little wheel with "tyre repair kit"! They start putting fixed rear side windows in 5-door "budget city cars" (like VW up!, Skoda Citygo, Citroen C1, Peufeot 107, Toyota Aygo, New Twingo etc.), now we see them in mid-sized hatchbacks, too! They left only two dashboard air vents (instead of 4) in Up! or C1/107 (back to the '70s!), then they replaced water temp. gauge with a warning light (back to the '60s!), and so on. It's unacceptable to pay, as an option (or even not even that!), for something which was standard 20 or 30 years ago! This is rip-off!

Ehsan Sabzikari says:

Never ever would trust Citroen made cars. Waste of money

samverve says:

Those rear doors are god-awfal! They loom lethal too!

jose de carvalho says:

yes to the d s name but no to fixed rear Windows

Panupong Noonil says:

Like the music in the title. Could you tell me the name of the music please?

paetje18 says:

name citroen ds is better

comic-con con says:

the DS badge looks tacky

Don Liri says:

The head and knee room is subjective. It all depends on the drivers seat position and the size of the passengers in the back.

Petar Maksimovic says:

It seems that Citroen has also fallen victim to that front grill designer that works for Ford, Kia, Suzuki, Mini etc… Someone should already arrest that guy for crimes against car designs.

Dr23rippa says:

Could of gone with a better name than DS….

Scott Seager says:

a back road blaster found that to funny

Got memes? says:

The rear windows don't open? What where they thinking lol

Bacon lettuce burger says:

This isn't a Citroen car.
This is DS.

Ban Powel says:

Stunning, stunning
, ☺️

TheRazer43 says:

Peugeot is the only french brand that doesn't suck

Jourwalis - says:

There is only one DS. And that´s the original. Everything else is a fake and a joke.

You can´t name a car that lacks the hydropenumatic suspension for a "DS".

Ciroen has gone down the drain….

Rocco Cimino says:

It must renamed Citroën DS4
It could be nice if they used the Hydraktiv Pneumatic again. Bye ROCCO

RoobehTunes says:

I think that unlike most car manufacturers, Citroen could carry off having the two brands under one Marque without issue.

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