Daimler electric city bus Mercedes eCitaro PREMIERE – Autogefühl

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In today’s Autogefühl’s episode, we present you a new car. As always we cover exterior, interior, engines and driving experience.

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Gixxer 600 says:

I would most certainly 'thank the bus driver' after riding in this.

Dr Ankit Panigrahi's Homoeopathy says:

Nice bus ,but the range is not good enough 🙁 .

RebelNightWolfe says:

This is actually an introduction to Bus Driver Simulator 2018.

Aventanario says:

The regular Citaro needs a redesign at the front

Fanrabbit says:

London also has many of its own double decker electric buses.

Fanrabbit says:

You could buy this and convert it into an eco friendly home, refurb the inside! Quite exciting.

Venkatesh babu says:

But all roads should be fly over for nice journey. Separate lane for electric vehicle.

Daniel Chen says:

Thank you very much. I will keep this in mind when I am buying a bus! 😁

Darth Bossk says:

Thomas could review a toothbrush and make it interesting.

Peter Jörgenson says:

Why dont they just put 2 tesla like batteris in the bottom they only cost about 10.000 each to produce it would lower the center of gravity
And it would allow for a lower overall height

Steven Woods says:

Still with the interior rattles from new though, I never understand how a city bus can cost in excess of £200k and every panel and handrail rattles like its 20 years old.

Zero says:

Can the bus at least thank the bus driver?

it'sMe TheHerpes says:

can someone stop this electric insanity already ? it's inefficient, has limited autonomy and it does not give you the overall freedom gas engines give you.

Eran Baruch says:

Great video, as always. 😊 Thomas you need to get a bus license.. You really wanted to drive it! 😂 I'm Israel 🇮🇱 we have electric busses for years now. They are working great. The charging solution is different here.

Austin E says:

The presenter I'd really handsome

Tamás v says:

Great we will have this exact same bus in my shitty ass country 50 years from now when Germany will switch these buses for flying cars. Yay

Felix Bublitz says:

Holy shit that's a horrible looking bus. Looks like it's from the 00's and not like a brand new electric one.

M Boll says:

They had electric trams in 1920???? good work Mercedes only 100 years late

lenny man says:


Double deck citaro

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