Daihatsu Sirion Review

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the06bug says:

this car would be awesome to have in the states

csihardfan111 says:

It is sold as the Perodua MyVi in Malaysia.

Keith Alexander says:

Late last year we bought a 1.0 SE for the school run 14,000 miles on the
clock and less than £4000. It is truly a cracking little car 60 ish mpg,
very versatile dirt cheap to run £35 tax etc. only down side is a fairly
noisy engine and rolly handling but it is also nicely environmentally
friendly which is good because my other car is a 410bhp mustang powered MG
V8 which is not green at all in fact it is blue 🙂

voilntlyplay says:

the original car model /watch?v=RmE-B6eZTlw

djkasdjkasdjdjdj says:

very cheap running cost on this thing!

GTtiOC says:

The older Sirion was miles better. Better looking and better built. The one
I saw at the motor show you could take the dash apart with your hands with
nasty hard plastics.

the06bug says:

A minor detail… 🙂

Masticina Akicta says:

It is an interresting car definitely as it has a 4×4 model. Not really
needed in some countries like where I live. But if you life in more
mountaines terrain or terrain with bad roads then 4×4 pays of.

johnterry316 says:

i have it and its a piece of shit car


First thing she says is a lie. It’s been around for many many years before
2005!!! This is just a new model.

Metalscavenger says:

wrong! I’ve got a version from 2002

CapenhurstSamuel says:

Such a beauty! And the price for what you get is outstanding… Love it
all! Great job Motorscouk 5* Not bad boot considering how flat the back
it… Id have the 1.3 tho.

toyotaprius79 says:

I like this one but the old Sirion was an eye sore.

Jim Al says:

Why’s that?

medi018 says:

she said “bumper to bumper”…

mtothem1337 says:

Yeah, until you get hit by a pickup truck and get turned into a can.

AdrianC12345 says:

How much Hp for the 1.3? And is there another engine?

Vitali Englin says:

They are fast

q1111w says:

@fryday10 yeah, it’s a chicks car

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