Classic British Car – Morris Minor

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Ian Royle is in Manchester, speaking to a Morris Minor expert – Paul Martin Wood, about how he became interested in Morris Minors through his family business. Plus, Ian gets to take a Morris Minor Traveller out for a test drive and gives us a brief history lesson on the iconic British brand.


paul austin says:

Only 2 choices with these old crap wagons. Do the full monty with V8 power….or take the shitheap to the crusher.

Fred Pilcher says:

Spoilt by dreadful audio. 🙁

Al Donaldson says:

I have owned many of these cars growing up in NZ.

Dodder says:

Very poor audio quality. They could have given the chap in the garage a microphone and edited out the vehicles going past. Lazy journalism. As for the car: they were all hand built which means they can be repaired easily. In fact every spare you will ever need for a Morris Minor is readily available. Today it is acceptable to fit the 1275cc engine mated to a 5 speed gear box with disc brakes making the old moggy capable of keeping up with modern traffic and even usable on motorways.

Gary Dunn says:

I can't criticise anyone for having a passion for these old Morris Minor's But for me
as a child in the 60's I hated the look of them, and I still don't like them now.
I especially disliked the "Woody Wagon" as the Americans used to call theirs back
in the 40's and 50's  That's the Traveller with the wooden sides.  I suppose, as they
say, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" As I said earlier, I have to admire your
enthusiasm for these old cars though.

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