Citroen C3 2018 review

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Peter Anderson road tests and reviews the Citroen C3 with specs, fuel consumption and verdict at its launch in Australia.

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riccccccardo says:

Just got it as hire car from Hastings direct even though I told them I’m to big for the vehicle 😡 . The cars to small, horrible 1.2 engine, reverse camera is blurry, the clutch biting points are horrible (I can’t stop stalling it from stand still), suspension super crashy over speed bumps even at low speeds, inside is tiny, making me get abdominal cramps pain, worse vehicle I’ve ever driven in my life.

Luann Rouff says:

Getting mine next week. Hope I like it as much as this guy!

John Williams says:

This is the first Australian reviewer to give an open minded review of this car. Glad someone finally gets it.

yoshimitsu411 says:

No arm rest?

Marc Hm says:

The blue color with the white roof…it looks really modern 👍

Arun K says:

Nice car. Citroen should launch this in India.

R Soul says:

Which French capital city would you choose to nominate as a properly world class example, as having traveled there cannot think of one that does not suffer from severe law and order issues. I love France, and French people. I hate misrepresentation.

Malcolm Scott says:

Great new car hope gains mainstream support

Alan Wong says:

“Capital cities, the language, cafes” Was the scriptwriter unable to think of something even just a little less generic to praise the French for?

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