Chris Harris Drives The Aston Martin DB11 | Top Gear

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Robert C says:

Too much power for 2 wheel drive…!

Andrew Doubtfire says:

Such an uninspiring review. Almost dropped off half way through. Boring. No fitness.

Kalle Sundqvist says:

the aston martin DBS11 Looks a Bit Better Than aston martin DB11 Gt Great Work aston Martin

Hector says:

Chris Harris is great, his presentation is similar to the old hosts

lasarith2 says:

I saw someone driving this yesterday, now I know what he was driving.

James Neave says:

You know what the best thing about a new Aston is?
Now we can afford the old one.
My wife's sitting there going, "mmm yes the db11 what a nice fantasy car"
I showed her db9s on auto trader starting at 25k.
"We could have one of those", she said.
"I'd get to tell work I've finally got a car to drive to work"


TimTalksTV says:

He drove that car like a beast

A99 007 says:

This car looks gorgeous

Pip Pipster says:

Is it only me that finds AM totally dull & uninspiring??

Jeremy Johnson says:

The cinematography is beautiful. Good on the camera crew

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