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This is one I have wanted to do for a long time – the mad and wild looking TVR Sagaris. However, underneath that lunatic exterior, and behind those crazy side exit exhausts is reportedly the best, most accessible and finest assembled car TVR ever made. Is it so?

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What’s happening with the TVR Griffith, a future Shmeemobile?! While TVR are out in central London with the new car, let’s go find it and get some updates, in the process having a good look around and chasing it through the streets.

Starting off in the garage we have the BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe First Edition 1 of 8 and Mercedes-AMG G63 together; both luxurious, powerful, monster cars from Germany but yet rather different too. However with limited time to enjoy the M8 GC, let’s hop on board and head over to find the photoshoot location.

TVR have recently taken the prototype Griffith through the approval process in order to have it officially registered and driven on the road, wearing the plate UK69 TVR. This is all part of the process that they are going through towards bringing the new model onto the market and entering production.

It’s now been quite a while since I first announced I had placed an order for a Griffith and I appreciate I haven’t been able to give you guys much by way of an update since. It’s certainly taking TVR longer than expected to go through the motions of opening up the factory and ultimately building the 500 Launch Edition cars. There are a multitude of reasons for this and I certainly hope for a more detailed set of information to provide you with before long. For the time being, it’s definitely a game of patience!

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The cursed tale of TVR automotive–one of the most unlucky automotive companies of our time. And yet, they’ve managed to hold on, and create some of the most unique looking british sports cars of the era. From wacky names like the Jomar, the Grandtura, and the Griffith, to their wacky looking Tuscan, or Trident, TVR has managed to set a precedent for creating unique looking, light-weight, fast sports cars–that no other brand could quite replicate. With TVR’s luck, who would want to?

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This car is simply terrifying! 400 Horsepower and no driver aids! It also happens to be one of the quirkiest cars about with it’s hidden door handles. What are your thoughts on the Tuscan?
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The TVR M-Series was introduced in 1972. Initially equipped with a 2.5 litre 6 cylinder Triumph engine, a 3 litre V6 Ford engine was used in later models of the series.

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To the uninitiated, TVR’s line-up in the early 2000s was a touch confusing. They all seemed to be nearly the same thing, and the Tamora is one of the most forgotten, but also best. So just what is it, and why would you buy one?

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TVRs are pretty wild cars at the best of times – but few are madder than the outrageous Cerbera. Styled like a hot rod, with an interior from space – and TVR’s own fire breathing engines – this is a recipe for insanity on wheels. But is it really as evil as it looks?

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David Green invites us to take a ride in classic TVR cars of the past as he gets ready for the reveal of the company’s relaunch in 2018. #gwoverdrive

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For three years I have been trying to get a TVR on the channel, and now it has happened! I drive this very tidy and well maintained Tuscan S. One of the most bonkers looking creations to come from Blackpool, I drove a Tuscan years ago and loved it – but now I’ve had the chance to drive hundreds of cars through a critical eye, how will it stack up?

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What an amazing experience! let me loose in a 406bhp TVR SAGARIS!!! Best day ever!
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The new TVR Griffith will be a future car in my garage, a new Shmeemobile, but where is it and when is it coming?! Let’s have an update with Les Edgar to find out how things are going during an event at Topcats Racing. Up to this point not too much has been seen of the new British sportscar, so join me for this special and exclusive opportunity for a first ever ride on board to get a feel for what it’s about.

When the TVR Griffith was first presented at the Goodwood Revival around a year ago, I went for the unveil and announced to you that I would be adding one to my garage. TVR as a brand is roaring back and to do so they have partnered with Gordon Murray Design for the iStream chassis, with Cosworth for the 5.0 NA V8 and with other partners to bring it together. The car will produce over 500hp and weigh around 1,250kg with a manual gearbox – a perfect recipe for driving enthusiasts.

As Les and the team are working to bring effectively a new brand into the market, they have a lot of challenges and hurdles to overcome. It was always going to be a big project but the news is now coming through and tenders for the factory are progressing. It’s hard to predict at this stage when my car will arrive, but we are talking somewhere maybe in early 2020 but I will certainly be doing my best to bring you more updates as and when I can.

A big thanks goes to Les and the TVR team, and of course to the fantastic team at Topcats Racing for hosting the event and making arrangements for this video. Give them a follow at:

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Ian Royle is with Nick Clarke who’s a doctor from Leeds and is looking for a fast and sporty car, with a budget of £30k. He takes a TVR Tamora for a test drive to see if it’s the car he’s looking for, plus Chris Hopkins has more information on the TVR Tamora.

Richard Hammond is with IT consultant Paul Scullion, who is looking for a car to have fun in. He takes a TVR Cerbera for a test drive to see if it’s the sports car he’s after, plus Ian Royle has more information on the Cerbera.

A ‘not quite a review’ take of life with a TVR Chimaera after four years of ownership. We look at some commonly asked questions around reliability & parts availability, and guess at why a lot of owners seem to have had enough after just a few months.

Motul Presents a world exclusive first look at the amazing new 2017 TVR!

Designer Gordon Murray and TVR Chairman Les Edgar tell us about the TVR brand and introduce their new baby, the monstrous TVR Griffith.

The essentials:

50:50 weight distribution with full ground effect
200+ Mph
Sub 4.0s 0-60
5litre Cosworth-enhanced V8
£90,000 starting price
Carbon Fibre Chassis
Production from late 2018

The full press release:
Motul roars into the future with TVR as official lubricant partner

Innovation, passion, technical development and performance at the highest levels: these values have been championed by Motul for decades and are now encapsulated in a new partnership as official lubricant partner to TVR!

An integral part of British sports car heritage, independent manufacturer TVR has produced models over the years with names such as Griffith, Chimaera and Cerbera, adding to its mythical status in British automobile manufacturing history.

This year TVR is celebrating its 70th anniversary and to mark that milestone it is launching a brand-new, 5L Cosworth-enhanced V8-engined sports car. Motul’s products have been used successfully in the development process, significantly adding to the performance and quality of the engineering.

Recognised the world over for its models’ distinctively sounding ‘roar’, the new TVR will be the first new model for the marque in over nine years. Another ground-breaker is that the car will be launched at the world-renowned Goodwood Revival event on 8th September – the first time a manufacturer has done so.

The new, as yet unnamed, lightweight model, will use innovative design and manufacturing techniques and features a carbon fiber construction courtesy of the Gordon Murray Design company. Gordon Murray, of course, is famous for his technically innovative, pioneering engineering of Formula One cars of the past and the first McLaren high performance road car.

The V8, front-engined car will have manual transmission and rear wheel drive, and will be powered by Motul’s fully synthetic 5W20 engine oil which has been fully tested and approved by TVR. It will feature the marque’s superior styling and be hand-crafted rather than mass-produced.

Motul’s complete range will be recommended to customers including gearbox oil, differential oil, brake fluid, coolants and windscreen washer. High quality, individual, cherished vehicles need high quality, proven products; Motul and TVR are the perfect fit.

Arnaud Laire, Motul Managing director, commented: “Needless to say, TVR and Motul have a lot of points in common which is why the partnership was natural and obvious from the very first beginning. After a few months of technical development, now we can’t wait to unveil to TVR fans around the world the brand-new model!”

Les Edgar, Chairman of TVR Manufacturing Ltd added: “I am delighted to be able to announce our close collaboration and partnership with Motul, a recognised leader in high performance lubricants. In all areas of our new TVR, we were adamant about partnering only with the very best, to deliver an outstanding performance car to our customers.

“Motul shares our passion for racing and excellence, with their lubricants contributing to the exhilarating performance of our engine and our vehicle. During our development stage, we have already felt the significant benefits of partnering with somebody who is particularly experienced in motorsport and delivering to a very high standard. The contribution made by the lubricants to cars in general, and the well-being of high performance cars in particular, is enormous, but sometimes under-estimated by the consumer.”

TVR ARE BACK! This is the new TVR Griffith, revealed for the first time at the Goodwood Revival and I’m pleased to say that I have an order for an early car as a future Shmeemobile! What do you think?

The British marque came under new ownership 4 years ago and is back now with the resurrection of the Griffith name; a car focused on driver engagement with a naturally aspirated V8, manual gearbox, rear wheel drive and a host of trick technologies. Developed in partnership with Gordan Murray Design and Cosworth; it’s powered by a 5.0l V8 with 500PS and weights just 1250kg with the iStream chassis. Top speed is in excess of 200mph and the sprint to 60mph comes in sub-4; it’s fast! The design is iconic TVR with side-exit exhausts, touches that come from their history but a modernised and completed look. The man in charge, Les Edgar, assures also that this is a new company and therefore reliability will be in a new league.

I have a deposit placed via the lovely folks at Top Cats Racing, due for an early car in early 2019 (or late 2018 if I’m lucky) and honestly, I cannot wait! This is designed as a purist driving machine, it’s an iconic British manufacturer, and I’m very excited for their journey.

Thanks for watching, Tim


Brad Darby shares some pro’s and con’s of the TVR Tuscon S, for people who are looking to purchase one.

TVR has finally shown first glimpses of the styling of its hotly anticipated all-new model. Due to arrive in late 2017, almost 400 deposits have already been taken for the new car which may bring with it the return of the famous Griffith name. Subscribe to Autocar now:

The car will use a Cosworth V8 that has been engineered to produce ample mid-range torque and more than 400bhp. It’s expected to be capable of accelerating to 60mph in less than four seconds, and will be priced from about £65,000, though the launch car will be a special edition priced considerably higher than the regular car which follows; TVR owner Les Edgar says it will be “sub-£100,000”.

TVR has also confirmed that a convertible will join the range with TVR owner Les Edgar saying the model has been designed from the beginning to accommodate an open-roof version.

What’s your favourite TVR? Let us know in the comments below!

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