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We enjoyed the Lotus Evora S and looked for time in the new 400. While in Germany for our “Pilgrimage” trip we had the chance to drive one. With only about 20 minutes to drive and shoot, we put together this Fast Blast to share our first impressions.

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Lotus have released a new version of the Exige. For those not content with the 350bhp Exige Sport 350, we now have the Sport 380, with bonkers aero, carbon fibre as standard, a louder exhaust and 30 extra horses. But is it worth the £10,000 price hike?

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Stephen Corby road tests and reviews the Lotus Exige Sport 350 with specs, fuel consumption and verdict.

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Well. I found my next car…

A Lotus Exige S



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Had the opportunity to check out a 2005 Lotus Elise! Such an amazing car and sounds incredible! I got into depth on the car, take it for a drive so you can hear the exhaust and absolutely would recommend buying this car or at least driving it for yourself to experience such an awesome affordable exotic sports car! More Lotus reviews are on our channel!

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The Lotus Evora might not be on your sports car shopping list, but it probably should be. Here’s why the Lotus Evora is better than you think.

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Lotus has put a few flaws back into the Evora, and made it astoundingly fast in the process. Radical SR1 championship-winning James Taylor puts the new 410bhp sports car through its paces to find out what it’s like.

Read more about the new Lotus Evora Sport 410 here: http://www.carmagazine.co.uk/car-reviews/lotus/lotus-evora-sport-410-2016-review/

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Less weight = quicker acceleration, more grip, shorter braking, and faster lap times. That’s the philosophy Colin Chapman obeyed when he founded Lotus Cars in 1952 to build both race and road cars. Even though the Exige S 240 began production a quarter of a century after Chapman’s passing, the embodiment of “lighter is better” is still evident in every aspect of its design.

This review features Pieter’s 2008 Persian Blue S 240, which takes performance to a new level with its Blade300 kit and elevates its power-to-weight ratio past that of the R35 GTR! Fun section starts at 5:40.

Sons of Speed takes the 2016 Lotus Evora 400 for a quick spin and gives a review.

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2001 Lotus Esprit V8 in Dubai – Motoring Middle East editor, Shahzad Sheikh gets so excited he cant get his words out right! These are very rare in the UAE, .

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evo’s Henry Catchpole reviews the new Lotus Elise S Cup at Bedford Autodrome. With 217bhp and race car levels of downforce is this road going version of the S Cup R race car still a formidable package?

http://www.caradvice.com.au/363890/?yt_desc – Read the article here.

The 2015 Lotus Elise S Club Racer is currently the fastest and most powerful Elise you can buy in Australia, and it’s purpose built for the track, which is where we’re heading today… we’ve just go to get through the city first.

The Lotus Elise is famous for its agility and supercar-rivalling performance. Unfortunately, it’s also notoriously difficult to get in to.

Now, you’ve got to swing one leg in first, then your bum, then your other leg. Let’s see how this goes… Well that wasn’t too bad actually.

Inside, well, ‘basic’ is putting it lightly (pardon the pun). There’s lots of hard, scratchy plastic surfaces, a four-speaker Alpine stereo, there’s no glove box and there’s not really an ideal place to put your phone.

There is a plastic cut-out and a cargo net behind the seats but frankly, there’s not a lot going on in here. But it’s a Lotus, and that’s kind of the whole point.

On the driver’s right-hand side sitting right next to their knee, the key still sits in an ignition barrel, even though now, there’s an engine start button.

First launched back in 1996, the Lotus Elise has long been respected as a brilliant bit of kit – on track that is. On the road, things are less positive.

It’s stiff, bumpy and very loud in here. Vision out isn’t great and it feels properly small on the road – even city cars feel like SUVs when you’re driving this thing.

The seat is hard and mostly uncomfortable and the only thing heavier than the clutch is the unassisted steering, particularly at low speeds. I just hope we have a bit more fun on the track…

Oh thank god, we are here.

Now, rather than putting a big engine into a heavy chassis, the clever Brits at Lotus have always followed the ideology of ‘adding lightness’. That means back here, there’s a 1.8-litre four-cylinder Toyota engine. Supercharged for good measure, it puts out 162kW and 250Nm. There’s also room back there for 112 litres of storage space.

All that power gets sent straight to the rear wheels via a ‘proper’ six-speed manual transmission.

Now, let’s get out there…

Now, the Lotus Elise has always been a pommy kit car offering supercar performance for less than supercar coin. And while $84,990 is still a fair amount of buck, it is hard to argue with this sort of bang.

The little Lotus will do 0-100km/h in 4.6 seconds and pretty much anything else you ask it to do.

It is so sharp and so responsive. The engine’s punchy and picks up. You can hear the supercharger doing its thing in the back as well.

There’s loads of grip, but its still got enough power that you can just have a little bit of fun, get a little bit of angle if you want it, which is always a good thing.

It’s not shy of a top speed but those brakes are nice and solid underfoot. And it just sits so flat through the corners. It is an absolute blast this thing.

The Lotus Elise S Club Racer is not the ideal car for families – it doesn’t have fold-down rear seats. Well, it doesn’t have rear seats at all. It’s not the most comfortable or practical thing either. But out here on track, it is in its element, and little of that stuff matters.

If everyday track-day excitement is what you’re after, then frankly, there are few cars better.


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Todd has driven both the standard Evora and the S with a manual transmission. Paul had driven neither. Thanks to long-time viewer Craig, they both get the chance to experience the Evora S, with the Paddle shift Auto “IPS” system. This was shot as part of our recent trip to San Francisco and Monterey for our first Fast-Blast-Roadtrip.

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