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Russian car manufacturer Lada is huge in Eastern Europe, but not so well known in the West. It wants to change that with the Granta subcompact. It’s a bare-bones model that’s only available with a 64 kW engine. But the Granta’s starting price can’t be beat: just under 7,000 euros in Germany.

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The Trabant was built by Communists in East Germany from the 1960s until the late 1980s. They’re rare in the United States – but I had the chance to drive one. Here are my thoughts.

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Jeremy Clarkson Making fools about Egyptians for building a car reliably adequate to match poor people needs.
He only consider resources wasting luxurious western cars to be the base, he doesn’t know that if all nations acted like west in resources consumptions, Earth resources would wasted from 100 years ago.
Typical Rich devil nature against poor 🙁

2012 LADA VAZ 2104. Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour.
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This is the LADA Vesta. Last year there were plenty of test drives: the model was basically taken apart by Russian auto bloggers looking for the faults. Today we conduct another test drive for the potential buyers. In the process of everyday usage we will try to figure out how the car performs.

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Exclusive Middle East review of the Lada Niva, cheapest 4×4 on sale here now! On sale here now from just AED35,000 well under US$10k. We take it for a drive on road and sand.

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Available from:
Ajman Free zone used car market show room 45
050 884 8153, 052 839 4492, 055 736 3762



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Photo review of Russian car Lada Kalina Sport 2015

Overview of the Russian all road car Lada 4×4 (aka NIVA) mod. 2131.
A brand new car issued in 2015. Practical advise, technical review, inside cabin view, test drive, light off road action, comments and suggestions.