Asia Motors Review

GAC Motor brought in a treat for those who are looking for a seven-seater crossover that has it all. In this Car Review, we’re putting on the spotlight the GAC GS8.

We have here the GAC GS8 GE variant.

Under the hood of the GS8 is a powerful 2-liter gasoline turbo engine that is capable of producing 199 hp and 320 Nm of torque. The engine is made more efficient as it is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission that successfully transfers all power to two wheels.

For the suspension, the GS8 uses McPherson Type Independent Suspension at the front and Multi-link Beam Independent Suspension at the rear. Thanks to this setup that the GS8 can face any road imperfections.

Let’s have a tour of the design and styling of the GS8.

When it comes to the exterior of the GS8, it was made to look rugged and at the same time neat and pleasant, plus it looks bigger, courtesy of GAC Motor’s light and shadow sculpting 2.0 design language. It’s evident through its boxy design which is further highlighted by these strong character lines hugging the GS8’s body perfectly. But what makes anyone take a second look at the GS8 is the front fascia. The grille is framed by uniquely shaped headlights, while over at the rear, a set of 8-shaped LED takes over. The GS8 is also equipped with Side Mirrors with Intelligent Memory Function, Shark Finn Antenna, roof rails, and a mudguard, among others. Moreover, the GS8 powers through any road with the help of 18-inch alloy wheels. Overall, the exterior look of the GS8 is undeniably one of its best-selling points.

Meanwhile, hopping inside the SUV, the white leather seats spell luxury all over. Also, since the GS8 is a seven-seater SUV, it offers ample space inside even with its three-row seating configuration. All of the seats provide utmost comfort and convenience to the driver and the passengers. For one, the driver’s seat is 8-way Power Adjustable, while front passenger seat is 6-way, and both of them are heated and ventilated. More about the seats, the second row is equipped with 60:40 split and sliding configuration, while the third row comes available with 50:50 Split fold flat. For additional cargo space, the GS8’s supersized flat-bottom trunk offers huge amount of space—a perfect feature for families taking on adventures.

Moreover, for added convenience, the interior of the GS8 is filled with features that provide nothing less. It’s equipped with a three-zone climate control air conditioning, central control door lock system, and power sunroof with jam protection, among other features.

For the GS8’s infotainment system, it comes with a 10-inch color touch screen display system that is available in Bluetooth and USB connectivity. But the highlight of it all is the wireless phone charging feature that lets passengers charge their mobiles without using charging chords. Audio is enjoyable through six speakers.

There’s also no need to worry about safety and security when aboard the GS8 as it comes with the standard and necessary features, and even more. It’s equipped with multiple airbags, Anti-lock Braking System with Electronic Braking System, ISOFIX, Stability Control, Lane Departure Warning, and Front & Rear Parking Sensors, among others.

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Riding a bicycle is a fun and healthy activity. However, what if getting to your final destination without breaking a sweat and becoming all gross is key? In that case, one of the options that you have is riding a compact and super maneuverable moped scooter. This type of transportation is becoming more and more popular due to the possibility to reach any corner and some models not even requiring a driver’s license.

Since we are fans of electric vehicles on this channel we would like to review the best solely electric models that are not only matching all of the major criteria of a standard scooter, but surpass them in terms of briskly acceleration, zero noise and zero emission, so every last corner of your downtown should be within your reach, even if emission regulations are in place.

Electric vehicles reviewed in this video:

xkuty ebike:

Xkuty One is an electric sit-down scooter that is both designed and produced in Spain. The vehicle is already on sale and its base price is around $3,500.


Me is Italian style electric scooter priced at $5,500. It is designed to transport one to two people and has a weight limit of 440 lbs.

Niu M1Pro Electric Scooter:

Niu M1 is a new smart and modern lightweight electric scooter. Its more powerful model, Niu M1Pro costs around $2,500.


The Be.e is an electric scooter made from hemp, flax, and bio-resin. It comes with a 600 W charger and costs around $8000.


Gogoro 2 that saw the world for the first time in the middle of 2017 and could be called the smartest scooter of them all.


What makes the Unu any different from the sea of other mopeds out there? Well, it is electric, it is beautiful and it gets delivered to your doorstep in a single all-in-one box.

Askoll ES1:

This scooter has been on the market since 2015 and has proven itself to be a reliable means of daily transportation, when there is nowhere to rush.


Please welcome Australia’s first electric scooter, its name is Fonz, engineered and manufactured by the Sydney based company Fonzarelli.


Nito Nes is a beautifully designed Italian style electric scooter with a start price of $5,500.

Torrot Muvi:

The company behind this scooter has a pretty long history of manufacturing bicycles and mopeds. They are currently headquartered in Spain with an operational office in the US.

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The Sion, an innovative electric car, has integrated solar cells, a range of 250 km (155 miles) and costs only 16,000€ (excluding the battery). With the Sono Motors Sion, the first solar car will go into serial production. Offering an electric vehicle for such a competitive price will allow Sono Motors to target the mass market.

The development of the first prototype was accomplished in close cooperation with supporters from all over the world. Within a year, Sono Motors collected over 850,000€ through a crowdfunding campaign.

The Sion is the first-in-series solar car, which recharges its battery through the sun – up to 30 kilometers per day.

Starting in 2019, Sono Motors will offer the battery for a monthly rate (rent or lease) or a one time purchase. From today’s perspective the one time purchase would cost you less than 4000€. The reason why Sono Motors excludes the battery is because they want to offer you the latest available and therefore best price.

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VADID: 2056334 #ASIA MOTORS #Torino

TOP 5 Midsize SUV for Australia and Asia Market include:

1. Toyota Fortuner
2. Ford Everest (Endeavour)
3. Mitsubishi Pajero Sport
4. Chevy Trailblazer
5. Isuzu MU-X

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2017 Ford Ranger VS 2017 Toyota Hilux | Auto Comparison

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