Can You Daily Drive A Corvette C7 Stingray?

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In this video, I will be talking about why the Corvette C7 Stingray Z51 makes for a surprisingly great daily driver. Especially when you consider the car it is. Also, if you live in Austin Tx (or willing to drive here) and you have a car you’d let me review, let me know and we’ll get together! Thanks for watching!
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Ghaith Alkiyumi says:

u talk too much , get to the topic lol

Josh Hutchings says:

So Sean Boswell started doing car videos

Jasen Henry says:

"with that said"

guitar_dude041703 says:

I want a corvette at 16. I’m 15 so I’m saving up. But there parts are a bit pricey

Lavar Ball says:

Your hairline…

TheFantasyVlog says:

I guess I'll convince my parents to buy me a Corvette for when I get my driver's license. It's gonna be an awesome choice I hope. I'm 15 now and I'll wait for when I'm 18 and think to get it or not.

CarFan Man says:

I daily drive a C6 and it is not a problem.

william rice says:

smooth shiftly

Mike Flores says:

This video flagging limited ground clearance for the Grand Sport versus higher ground clearance for cheaper Stingray saved me the expense and grief buying the GS.

dubba07 says:

Yes. They also don’t melt in the rain contrary to popular belief.

Shad Thompson says:

Yup… I daily drive as well. Have car, will drive. Broken part? Fix it and get back on the road!

Brian Poole says:

I'm about to move to Austin in Sept. Have any groups i should be apart of? 17' Grand Sport

izan Reltih says:

Huh… gives permission, does the act, then takes consent back after everything is already done. Sounds like a women crying rape

Mota says:

Do you have to change the tires every 1500 mile?

bmwjoey25 says:

2:20 I agree…It Smooth's Very Shiftly :'D

Sandyeggo Designs says:

We've got some 'must have' accessories for the C7 here:

777THUTH777 says:

You forgot the best reason……FUN to drive

The Notorious Joe WHIPS! says:

So to sum it up, the corvette is a great daily driver because it has a rear view camera…okkkk that for the great info man jus what i needed to make my decision!

Esteban Carrera says:

No one else caught at 2:20 He says "smooths shiftly" 😂😂😂instead of "shifts smoothly"

donald revolinski says:

i crashed mine into a persons butt

Kayla Flowers says:

Thank you so much for this , wasn't sure if I should get this as a daily driver although i have another car but I think I'm gonna go ahead and get the c7 .

Gee Waters says:

Glad to know it "smooths shiftly" 🤣 great video.

Stack Silverson says:

I DD my 2016 C7 stingray. It's pretty darn good for a sports car. Make sure you get the mag ride. Mine doesn't have it and it can be bumpy

Steven Cook says:

what about the 8 speed paddleshift transmission? any thoughts as to yay or nae? why or why not?

V.Vega says:

Can you daily drive a brand new Chevy? Is that a question that needed to be asked?

Robert Smith says:

There's another guy in Austin with a Ferrari F430. I think he dailies it

Marcello Ferreira says:

Im in Austin

Αρχάγγελος Πρίγκιπα Μιχαήλ says:

nothing wrong with doing the same style as Matt from Smoking Tire. Matt is original in that style of journalism.

wsalas13 says:

Is it true…you need to change tires every 10,000 miles

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