Bugatti Chiron: What It’s REALLY Like To Drive Properly – Carfection (4K)

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Just before the world gets to see the Bugatti Divo Henry Catchpole went to Molsheim to drive the one and only Bugatti Chiron to see how it really drives, when driving properly on some challenging roads by someone who knows what they are doing.
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Carfection says:

We hope you like our latest film on the Chiron. We can only keep doing this if enough of you watch and share this so please like, subscribe, hit the bell 🔔 icon and above all Enjoy!

aaron garrett says:

Great video as always. I’m wondering tho… The tone seemed a bit understated having just watched the Porsche GT2 RS. It left me wondering if the Chiron is as fun and enjoyable to drive as some of the other ultra-fast cars, or is it a bit of a monster with all that weight?

Vivek Tiwari says:

What a video and audio, amazing. Love and cheers from India.

teipple star says:

Fantastic video, shoots, music, story telling,driving ,commentary. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful automotive experience.

K C says:

Henry Catchpole, Mat Watson and Tiff Needell……. the dream team! They need to take over Top Gear!

ayush srivastava says:

This car is suck the person will chooose with car more thsn his life 😇☺

The Psychic Project says:

Thanks! I bought it!

magnus skullerud says:

easily one of the best car reviews I have ever watched. also, beautiful shots!

amightyatom says:

Those front lights

DodderingOldMan says:

Subscribed. I've been watching a variety of car videos on YouTube recently; this was easily the best. The shot composition, the editing, the narration… as good as Top Gear at their best, and they were pretty damn good when they took themselves seriously. You deserve a lot more subs and views.

Punit S says:

What's the name of the song when Henry starts talking at 10:00

JakesTech says:

get this man on top gear!!! this review was gorgeous and perfectly composed!

Philippe Juncker says:

I'm amazed journalists are able to drive these cars at such speed. I'd be paralyzed at the wheel thinking of the sheer cost of the thing and fear of crashing it.

Hayden Keller says:

This is one of the purest, romantic videos of the car that I love so much. Well done Carfection, and thank you.

O O says:

Look at those truck like A pillars! Like being in a shoe box.

MaxTryk says:

Full attack in the forest? Brave… )

Bob Boberson says:

Well done, Carfection. Excellent presentation.

Sarcodia UK says:

Terrific video review 👍

hlidskjalf666 says:

1:33 = Seatbelt + buckles look cheap as f*ck. You can even order custom red on an Audi now days that looks premium.
Chirons look same standard plastic as in a Ford Ka ?
(I tested the S-class coupe once, about 1 /20 of the price and that seatbelt is automatic deployed by a luxurius metal-holder that reaches out to you. everytime driver enters the car….)

Gamershellboy1 says:

I can't believe I didn't know this channel till now. Here to stay. Pass me the whiskey.

commantros exetlos says:

who is sooo retarded to buy this piece of shit? 2.500.000 pounds? why?..i can have it all with that s 1500hp mclaren 720s in my colour..and other 100 sick toys+house

Aayush Saini says:

Dude….what a sexy beast is this car 🔥

Aayush Saini says:

This review feels most genuine

geee Whizz says:

Damn cyclists..

Beren Soete says:

did you buy this by yourself

Andy Ritchie says:

Wow! I always used to watch Chris Harris and thought he was the best at making you feel like you were in the car with him but this is easily in another league to them videos, absolutely amazing

Nemanja Stošić says:

Sjajno 😎👏👏

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