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What It’s Like To Drive A Lexus LFA! POV *Insane Exhaust*

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The $4 Million Bugatti Chiron Is Incredible – First Drive Review!


Bubbas Ernie says:


Why does this car look like a midget next to you.

Lucky Baldivicio says:

I have 3 dollars and some change?

Genius Marc Says says:

Chiron is old i already have 5 of those

King Noar says:

I wouldn't buy this car even if I had a billion

Tyler Kamps says:

Shout out from Grand Rapids, MI

Tyler Kamps says:

That's the best color scheme I've seen on the Chiron

Berg says:

Hey baby face, can you get us a better interior camera angle?

Dean Scott says:

mannn fukkit–if I won $5 million dollars, I'm spendin $4 million of it in that black and red one!!

Lucas Martínez Parra says:

The Chiron looks like shit!

Jairus Williamson says:

Viper acr me please this car is pointless

The Black Reaper says:

Go check the price again it costs $3million not $4million

Marvin Scott Jr. says:

That car sounds like trying to date a expensive super model.

Cazz Buquis says:

My dream car BUGATTI

Black says:

Koenigsegg is faster.

Don Graston says:

Pretty weird staging a $3,000,000 car in a crappy field. Not exactly the Bugatti image.

Josef Zdráhal says:

800litres of cooling water in the engine!?!? Shame i cannot see the water tank being towed behind the Bug… Quite a lot of mistakes in the description. Othervise a good vid bro

Lou Clifton says:

I really hate… the way you TALK.

Yaseen Ali says:

Just imagine a 4 mil dollar Chiron sitting on a grass field by a bunch of wear house and a train track. That doesn’t relate am I right l??

Jose Mendoza says:

U copied homeboy dough

John Paul says:

Fukn wanker of an accent😈

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