Brutally Honest Car Review: Honda Civic

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In today’s video we review the Toyota Supra! I mean…. Honda Civic. We take an in depth look at the Honda Civic, start it up, show an exhaust clip and go over the performance data, and also take a look at the many interesting features of the interior as well as exterior.

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Riding with Dave says:

Bobby back again with that vintage MvT feel!

fun times with Tom says:

Da fuq… 250… i am impressed how sturdy that seat is, good job Honda. Guess they reinforced the seat with sumo wrestlers in mind.

Bartosz Skubik says:

he said vtec wooooooh vtec!!!
But those models didnt have vtec.

Bai Mark says:

Straight fucking unit this mate is damn ya hungry ?!

Cranky Diesel says:

People r such babies to see 100000 other comments about the guys weight and just chiming right in… people suck honestly


You do not weigh 250 💀😂

Xavier Hill says:

Another shit car review who reviews car that are on the way to the junk yard

A random dude says:


Pyrotechnic Redneck says:

I have an 02 liberty if you want to review it. All I can say about it is, it runs

Sometimes, it runs sometimes

warnus kruger says:

Only reason you hate honda is cause u cant fit in it

jijfjfjfj jkdkdididdi says:

That music though at 0.33

Drink Water says:

You changed my feelings for Honda civic bro 😂

flying l says:

What song at 0:31

John Mellon says:

I eat ass 😂

Jackson Louder says:

Audio rev limiter had me dead

lego technic says:

I pressed the like button three times.

Justin Eberhardt says:

Why you breathing so damn hard all you did was drive 😂😭

Justin Eberhardt says:

250 myyyy fuckingggg assss 350

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