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BMW X7 review:

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The BMW X7 is the most luxurious, most expensive and largest SUV ever produced by the firm. With its divisive styling, the X7 takes aim at a number of long-established rivals in the luxury SUV class, including the Range Rover, Audi Q7, Mercedes GLS and Volvo XC90. The X7 gets the trademark BMW styling, including the substantial kidney grilles that dominate the front of the car. But has it got enough luxury to live with its premium rivals? James Batchelor finds out.

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Abdullah Almoqbali says:

Can you please compare it to Land Cruiser or Nissan Patrol ?

Nodge X says:

God what a hideous moose

Shanjan Usman says:

I saw one on The M62 heading into Huddersfield last night and it's massive occupying a lane

Vazza yzf750 says:

So a two stroke twin cylinder bmw. A lot of suzuki influence in that car.

Phillip Murphy says:

Goodness me, BMW don`t do pretty, do they.

Argon says:

I'm sorry, but the grill looks hideous!

george georgakopoulos says:

Length expressed in inches and width expressed in millimeters

Marcel Wolf says:

I thought an uglier car than the RR suv was not present…. But this BMW.. A good match in the ugly car competition..

Azzy says:

"Parked outside every kebab shop". I disliked the video coz of that dead joke

interceptor1986 says:

That grille 🤮🤮 its like clown with oversized shoes.

Steven Michael says:

Why would anyone want an x3, x4, x5, x6, x7? C’mon they’re too big. All you need is an x1 or x2.


Bigger, bigger, bigger EVERYTHING. That’s just stupid. It’s like the quintessential king… it’d be stupid if he wore a crown that’s bigger than his sword, wouldn’t it.

Praetorius says:

What's up with car journalists and their love for BMW infotainment? After driving a few – even top of the line spec – BMW's, I can say the digital screens are too dark, the colors are very monotone, and when displaying maps in the drivers digital display, it looks black & white more than anything! Nothing compared to Mercedes MBUX. Even Hyundai/Kia do it better!

Peter Moody says:

This guy is a Banana!

Kelveron says:

Regarding the interior looking like the 3-series's, that's case with most brands. For example, the interior of the top of the line Range Rover looks exactly like the new RR Evoque's.

poketfull says:

You have the voice of a woman

Lash195 says:

X7 needs a nose job. M50d with 4 turbos ? sorry but this would bring on my BMW anxiety.

Aoyagi says:

And I remember Euro auto fans laughing at the likes of Escalade because of it size. Oh well.

PJ w says:

I think it looks great in black

Michael Simpkins says:

Ugly and pointless

M . Singh Singh says:

Carwow rip-off

Max Troy says:

This car wasn't made with the UK in mind so quit trying to compare it to the Land Rover Discovery. The X7 is for the US and Chinese markets and competes with the Escalade, Navigator, GLS, etc.

battycowboy says:

Why is there white balance so off

Malifan says:

Watching an X7 review yet I can't afford even the X1 😢.

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