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This is the new BMW 7 Series! When it comes to luxury limousines, it’s hard to look past the 7 Series, Mercedes S-Class and Audi A8. But given it’s been a few years since a new A8 hit our streets, and even longer since a new S-Class was released, is it time for the 7 Series to take the crown of best luxury limousine out there? Join Mat for his latest in-depth review to find out!

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jetmir zulfiu says:

Matt can you do a drag race series with 2020 bmw 760li

Amr el Masry says:

Oh really ?!
7 Series better than s class in quality !
I think Mercedes is more luxurious and superior than the BMW In everything except the price

FlyingSpur 207 says:

4:22 MAT!!!!! STOP IT!!!!

yal100 says:

That has to be the quietest 360 degree donuts I have ever heard from inside the cabin of the car doing them….WOW! lol

MoonlightChickenWing says:

Clean the fooken car mete

Rich 91 says:

£70k for glossy scratchable dashboard and infotainment plastic,no thanks

Merkava TV says:

Why is the trunk so short?

Sydney Mathuka says:

I love the car

DUAL 777 says:

This is the first time in bmw history where pre-facelift looks so much better.

Jarrod Patterson says:

Best reviews Matt Watson! And so many good laughs! I’ll smoke your cigar for you! 🤪

Andor Radnai says:

You kind of get used to the pictures of the car, but once you see one in real life (which, thankfully, isn’t often) that grille is just ridiculous…


Geek mode is so funny


That drifting was awesome 😎😎☺

Richard William says:

Drive to a mall reverse to go back Home.
Me: amazing
Others looking: it is insane the car Drive backwards.

Pangapora says:

They made the grill before the car its self. The car, then, follows the grill.

Nimash Nawarathne says:


Eugene Ng says:

Take a guess, how many Burberry polo does Matt has?

professor GIMSARA says:

Bmw is really updating only their grill

Syed Ali Jaan says:

BMW tablet is looks like Samsung tablet from front

Syed Ali Jaan says:

BMW tablet is looks like Samsung tablet from front

Priyanshu De says:

naughty boy

Orbot Orfox says:

Give it 10 years and you’ll have 60yo weed smokers in there

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