BMW 3 Series Saloon 2018 review | Mat Watson Reviews

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The BMW 3 Series is a small executive saloon that boasts brilliant handling and good value for money – get Mat’s verdict in our full 4K review.

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carwow says:

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Jwjsudksj Idksjhdjjdj says:

E92 V8 E46 I6 was best

Murdock John says:

I hope they don’t change the formula in the new 3 series being released in 2019

Murdock John says:

I’ve had two F30 but I’ve also had a 2017 C class and was so disappointed I went back to the F30. This car is all you need it’s very well put together, it’s not too big, low to the ground, handles amazing, the diesels are fast but still return good mpg. This car feels like having your cake and eating it, if you haven’t given up on driving and got a hideous crossover.

I have to disagree with Matt the manual is great and plenty of fun in this car my old one was a manual. In the new one I have the automatic which is one of the best available.

The Majestic Ragnar says:

Wait, what? 2018 review of a 2015 plate car with a video published in 2016. What’s happening.

Waz says:

2015 model but an2018 review?? I’m confused

vSauceKing says:

How tf are you get 40+ mpg on an M Sport?????

Rick Hustwick says:

I had to go to Thrifty today to hire a car to take me from Newcastle (work) to Torquay (home), so impressed with the 2018 320D they gave me, I'm here. Agree with all points. Thinking of making this my next daily-drive.

W says:

Get a D 😂 no no no

Sujal Passan says:

Your my favourite car reviewer

patagonXL1 says:

What model is this?

Marko Jagar says:

In 15 years the car is the same

pain123 TK says:

i went with 3 series its better value now huge discounts on the 3 series for new model close to 2 series pricing while 2 series prices have skyrocketed lol not worth. Bigger interior, no floating handling, and better looks all go to 3 series.

yankidiot says:

im looking for a 335d shadow edition?

Lacey S says:

What’s the better buy? X1 or 3 series?

Ben Brown says:

someone explain how the video came out 2 years ago?

Ismail Rady says:

In Egypt we have locally assembled BMWs. One of the models is a 318i that runs with the 1.5 three cylinder engine that puts out 136 HP. What do you think of this engine? I'm coming from a 2010 C180 Kompressor that has a 1.6 engine that puts out 156HP. How do these engines compare to one another? Thanks for all tour great well crafted, informative and fun videos.

FDMC Grac says:

The best in class having in mind new C class and A4 interior. Driving dynamic abs steering the best including I drive and automatic gearbox.

Richard Green says:

Very over priced BMW rely on the name

Sergio Serra says:

The red interior is gorgeous

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