BMW 3 Series 2019 review – see why it’s the best new sports saloon/ sedan | carwow

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This is the all-new BMW 3 Series! It’s bigger, packed with more high-tech gadgets and even more luxurious than its predecessor. The question is, with the 3 Series now in its seventh generation, is this the best one yet?! Join Mat as he test drives the 320d, 330i & M340i to find out everything you need to know!

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Honfy Lam says:

BMW… a shell of its once glory.

reginald burks says:

Were is it built ?

Nicolas Bocchino says:

So if you lose you phone, you lose you expensive ass car as well. Sweet

Nicolas Bocchino says:

That reverse assistant is just a gimmick. If you don’t know how to reverse don’t get your drivers license or a car simple as that

Skooppa says:

I'm sorry, but that BMW just looks like it's been pieced together. There is no harmony in its design.

John Green says:

Hey Mercedes 😀 😀

Andrew Goldberg says:

My biggest question is why is BMW the only luxury brand that doesn't offer ventilated seats? Not that it's a deal breaker, I'm just curious

퀀텀리프 says:

generally good information.  just one comment.  why this guy is always handling cars so roughly ?  really not happy when this guy pokes car surface with twig…  Is it a kind of English humor that I cannot understand?

Poker _ says:

I think it did not work because on the other one the steering wheel was turned

Yasmin bin Jamaluddin says:

all these techs are taking away the fun from driving …

ferry limardi says:

Only Android phone to open the door…only carplay for infotainment….stupid bmw..

PuffFezSeOChocapic says:

I definitely want one

Peter Chad Henniker says:

If I had one of these, my personal activation word would be Motherfucker Jones

luyanda msomi says:

You should really stop reviewing bmws bro, please just stop, you're not a driver.

Irshaad Shaikh says:

Front end looks too much like the new 5 series

rockrocks009 says:

So real exhausts but fake turbo sound in the cabin.. BMW.. Nice..

k. 743 says:

Rear really looks like Lexus RC

Ben Wilde says:

Exciting car to drive in a boring body….very lazy design

iluminati76 says:

Amazing work BMW.

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